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[Nettime-bold] [ot] [!nt] \n2+0\ !nternaz!onl z!mpoz!um on uearabl humanz

mer !sz krema 4 dze pz!ko+pathet!k tekkno-zerfxyz

in this impossibility of isolating the process of simulation
must be seen the whole thrust of an order that can only
see and understand in terms of some reality because it
can function nowhere else. 

obedience and trangression are equivalent.
they cancel the difference upon which the equivalent is based.

the established order can do nothing against it for 
the process of simulation is beyond true and false 
beyond equivalences beyond the rational distinctions upon
which function all power and the entire social.

the novel contribution is the
development of what is termed the `dynamic core hypothesis`. 
put simply a dynamic core is a subset of regions identified 
by the pattern of interactions within
the core and its associated regions. 

the core can be considered akin to a
shoal of fish. the envelope or boundary is
clearly discernible but continuously changes
as the fish swim to different locations [different anatomical domains]. 
the fish swim in concert but each has its own unique trajectory 
through the water [activity is coherent but not identical].

critically the core is characterized by
being functionally disconnected from the
rest of the brain.

complexity is cycled in complex cycles.
bodies without borders.

=cw4t7abs = dze fabs(future)

        it is a sanitary arkitektur for invasion of male architectures. 
        it is an ess medium konstrukted via "arbeit macht ganz glucklich + frei". 

global!zaz!on macht fre! +? da + da       
dze gene map du = kan bl!ev -  - juzt 1 kl!k !    !   !
h!dn kluez 2 b!pedal!zm.
bzzp. bzzp. tra!l _                               !                   !                                                 ! 
                                !                    !                                             ! 
                                 !                     !                                         ! 
                                  !                      !                                     ! 
                                   !                       !                                 ! 
                                    !                        !                             ! 
                                     !                         !                         ! 
                                      !                          !                     ! 
                                       !                           !                 ! 
                                        !                            !             ! 
                                         !                             !         ! 
                                          !                              !     ! 
                                           l                               l l 
                                          l                              l     l 
                                         l                             l         l 
                                        l                            l             l 
                                       l                           l                 l 
                                      l                          l                     l 
                                     l                         l                         l 
                                    l                        l                             l 
                                   l                       l                                 



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