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Dear Nettimers,

we are now counting more than 700 signatories for the Open Letter to the
Austrian Public! Please help us to get at least a thousand so we can prepare
an official dispatch for the political representatives of this country.
Please forward the campaign URL to your local press contacts also.
The interface to give your signature is at http://free.netbase.org , follow
the [sign open letter] to the web-form.

for your diversion a little quiz.....

In which country did the following events take place:

6 ministers of government take a student publication to court for printing a
letter to the editors which speaks of a "shitty government" ?

a primeminister/chancelor, the president and several political funcionaries
take a parade where Waffen SS banners and insignia are openly on display,
carried in a procession on live TV?

a political party had regular payments to police and state security agents
to spy on journalists, artists, priests and NGOs?

The answer is at the end of this message. 

best, Konrad


I have received comments wether it is legitimate to have the word
"neoliberal" and "fascist" in one sentence... well its based on the fact
that Haiders Party has both elements side by side and its intriguing to see
how well these seemingly non-connected ideological positions coexist. Not
only within the F-Party but on the national level and beyond.
Anton Pelinka, one of the most respected political scientists in Austria,
(now under constant pressure from the F) has commented widely on this. In
fact this is a very interesting subject to look at.

What I find very sad is that very abnormal things in this country have been
accepted as "normal" by large segments of the population- even so-called
"intellectuals" (who will not say openly that they support this government)
-  and I find it shocking that the many well established facts do not make
it into the international press and there is not enough serious reports and
analysis of what is really going on. 

According to Wolfgang Neugebauer, the director of the Documentation Centre
of the Austrian Resistance, the culture of silence regarding the Nazi era in
post-war Austria has been both comprehensive and self-interested. Mr
Neugebauer said: "We have today in Austria perhaps 700,000 former members of
the Nazi party. They returned from the war to positions of influence in
science, economics and politics. It is accurate to say that this large group
has no interest in revisiting the Nazi era." http://www.doew.at/

For those of you who read german I recommend the following book:
Scharsach, Hans-Henning [Hrsg.]
Haider : Österreich und die rechte Versuchung  
Reinbek bei Hamburg : Rowohlt, 2000. - 284 S. ISBN 3-499-22933-1 


the complete list of 712 signatures at http://free.netbase.org :

Alex Adriansen, Director V2, Rotterdam/Netherlands 

Eric Alliez, Professeur titulaire de la Chaire d'Esthetique à l'Académie des
Arts plastiques, Vienne/Austria

Eddie Berg, FACT, UK

Kristin Bergaust, Artist and Director of Media-Lab Atelier Nord, Norway

Andreas Broeckmann, Artistic Director transmediale, Berlin/Germany 

Antonella Corsani, enseignant-chercheur Université de Paris/France 

Critical Art Ensemble, Artist Group, USA 

Amanda Crowley, Adelaide Festival of Arts, Australia 

Erik Davis, Author and Contributing Editor, Wired Magazine, San

Manuel DeLanda, Fellow at Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, New

Mark Dery, Author, Editor of Artbyte, New York/USA

Sara Diamond, The Banff Center, Canada 

Julian Dibbell, Author, Contributing Editor at FEED Magazine, South Bend/US

Sher Doruff, Society for Old and New Media, Amsterdam/Netherlands 

Timothy Duckrey, Author and Lecturer, USA

Adele Eisenstein, C3 Center for Culture & Communication, Budapest/Hungary 

Andrea Ellmeier, Kulturdokumentation, Vienna/Austria 

Valie Export, Artist, Vienna/Austria and Academy of Media Arts Köln/Germany

Bronac Ferran, Arts Council, UK 

Jim Fleming, Editor & Publisher, Autonomedia, New York/USA

Vera Frenkel, Ontario/Canada 

Tomas Friedmann, Literaturhaus Salzburg, Austria

Martin Fritz, Curator EXPO 2000 (In Between), Hannover/Germany 

Matthew Fuller, Lecturer in Media, Communications and Culture at Middlesex
University, working with the artists' collective Mongrel, UK 

Alex Galloway, rhizome.org, New York/USA

Gabriele Gerbasits, IG Kultur Österreich, Vienna/Austria 

Lizbeth Goodman, Director of The Institute for New Media, Performance
Research School of Performing Arts - University of Surrey/UK

Franz Graf, Professor Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna/Austria

Reinhold Grether, Dr, Netscientist University Konstanz/Germany 

Henning Gruner, Kunsthaus Tacheles/Berlin 

Cees J. Hamelink, Professor of International Communication, University of

Honor Harger, Tate Modern, London/UK

Lisa Haskel, Media Art Projects, UK 

Perry Hoberman, Artist, teaches at the School of Visual Arts, New York/USA 

Danny Holman, No D Media Lab, Prague/Czech Republic 

John Hopkins, Media Lab - University of Art and Design, Helsinki/Finland

Erkki Huhtamo, Professor UCLA, Dept. of Design, Finland

Michael Joyce, Writer and Professor of Electronic Literature, New York/USA

Eric Kluitenberg, Media Theorist and Curator New Media, de Balie - Center
for Culture and Politics, Amsterdam/Netherlands 

Knowbotic Research, Artist Group, Germany 

Piotr Krajewska, WRO Center for Media Art, Wroclaw/Poland 

Arthur and Marilouise Kroker, Editors CTHEORY, Boston, Massachusetts/USA 

Spela Kucan, Ljudmila - Ljubljana Digital Media Lab, Slovenia 

Violetta Kutlubasis-Krajewska, WRO Center for Media Art, Wroclaw/Poland 

Jacques Le Rider, Ecole pratique des Hautes Etudes, Section des sciences
historiques et philologiques, Sorbonne, Paris/France 

Geert Lovink, Media Theorist, Canberra/Australia 

Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, Art and Technology Foundation, Madrid/Spain 

Tapio Makela, M-cult, Finland 

Gerald Matt, Kunsthalle Wien, Austria

Armin Medosch, Telepolis, London/UK 

Wolfgang Modera, Ars Electronica Center, Linz/Austria 

Sally Jane Norman, Directrice Générale de l'Ecole supérieure de l'image,
Angoulême, Poitiers/France

Robert Palmer, Director Brussels2000, Belgium 

Sylvie Parent, Curator, Centre international d'art contemporain,

Ana Parga, Art and Technology Foundation, Madrid/Spain 

Marko Peljhan, Project Atol, Ljubljana/Slovenia 

Constance Penley, Professor and Chair Department of Film Studies, University
of California, USA

Miklos Peternak, Director C3 Center for Culture & Communication,

Sadie Plant, Writer, Birmingham/UK

Susie Ramsay, Art and Technology Foundation, Madrid/Spain 

Veronika Ratzenböck, Director Kulturdokumentation, Vienna/Austria 

Christian Reder, Professor University for Applied Arts, Vienna/Austria 

Martin Reiter, Kunsthaus Tacheles/Berlin 

RTMark, Artist Group, USA 

Gerhard Ruiss, IG Autorinnen Autoren, Austria

Giaco Schiesser, Head Department New Media, University of Art and Design,

Annette Schindler, Director Plug In, Basel/Switzerland

Christine Schöpf, Ars Electronica Center, Linz/Austria

Dieter Schrage, Museum moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig, Vienna/Austria 

Yukiko Shikata, Curator, Japan 

Rasa Smite, E-LAB Electronic Arts and Media Center, Riga/Latvia 

Raitis Smits, RIXC The Center for New Media Culture, Riga/Latvia 

Stahl Stenslie, Artist and Curator, Oslo/Norway

Marleen Stikker, Society for Old and New Media, Amsterdam/Netherlands 

Gerfried Stocker, Ars Electronica Center, Linz/Austria 

Martin Sturm, O.K Centrum für Gegenwartskunst, Linz/Austria

Janos Sugar, Media Research Foundation, Budapest/Hungary 

Daniela Swarowsky, Manager of DEAF_2000 Festival / V2_Organisation,

Peter Tomaz, President Association for Culture and Education, Multimedia
Center KiberSRCeLab - KIBLA, Maribor/Slovenia 

Toshiya Ueno, Associate Professor, Sociologist, Tokyo/Japan 

Markus Wailand, Artist and Curator, Vienna/Austria

Ulrich Wegenast, Wand 5/Stuttgarter Filmwinter, Germany 

Dirk de Wit, Brussels2000, Belgium 

Siegfried Zielinski, Establishment Rector Academy of Media Arts,

Heimo Zobernig, Artist, Vienna/Austria

(alphabetical first 85)

627:	Buzari, Paschutan,  10119, Berlin, Germany
626:	trautenberger, gerin, BLUE C, 1070, WIEN, austria
625:	Edinger, Hannes,  1050, Vienna, Austria
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623:	Staurup, Per, lypsink ink.,  Melbourne, Australia
622:	Jashnani, Gaurav, University of Michigan, 48109, Ann Arbor, USA
621:	Deisl, Heinrich, SKUG, 1040, Wien, Austria
620:	Kunzru, Hari, Mute, E1 7SA, London, UK
619:	marshall, maryann, painter, 03602, alstead, usa
618:	stadlmann, helmut,  1060, wien, österreich
617:	Paunovic, Gordan, Radio B92, 11148, Belgrade, Yugoslavia
616:	Blair, Todd, California College of Arts and Crafts, 94703, Berkeley,
615:	weiser, herwig,  50825, koeln, germany
614:	Illmaier, Gerhild, GIL art.infection, A 8010, Graz, Austria
613:	Conditt, Clemens,  3400, klosterneuburg, austria
612:	Warczenschwynn, Josh, HRH Ministry of Design, SW01, London, Great
611:	Walder, Klaus,  1160, Vienna, Austria
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609:	garcia, gabi,  1020, vienna, austria
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53:	Oellinger, Ferry, Festival der Regionen, 4100, Ottensheim, Austria
52:	Schmidt, Wolfgang, Verein Transit, 1030, Vienna, Austria
51:	Lindinger, Christine,  1190, Vienna, Austria
50:	Raab, Thomas,  A-1020, Vienna, Austria
49:	Salvesen, Hilde,  0853, Oslo, Norway
48:	Eckermann, Sylvia, fuchs-eckermann, 1030, Wien, Austria
47:	Fuchs, Mathias, fuchs-eckermann, 1030, Wien, Austria
46:	glechner, martina,  1190, wien, A
45:	Haslinger, Stefan, Kulturverein Waschaecht, 4600, wels, austria
44:	Siegl, Norbert, Institut für Graffiti-Forschung, 1140, Wien, Austria
43:	Berger, Wilhelm, Universität Klagenfurt, A-9020, Klagenfurt, Austria
42:	Widrich, Virgil, Virgil Widrich Filmproduktion, 1060, Wien, Austria
41:	Tschabitscher, Heinz,  1170, Vienna, Austria
40:	Fabris, Verena, an.schläge, A-1030, Wien, AUSTRIA
39:	Erbach, Gregor, Forschungszentrum Telekommunikation Wien, 1040,
wien, at
38:	Theuretzbacher, Ursula,  1180, Wien, Austria
37:	Meixner, Albert, subnet, A-5020, Salzburg, Austria
36:	Sonnenschein, Sabine,  1090, Vienna, Austria
35:	Marc, Ries, THE THING Vienna, 1020, Wien, Austria
34:	Schöllhammer, Georg, springerin Hefte für Gegenwartskunst, 1070,
Wien, A
33:	zogholy, andre,  4020, linz, aut
32:	Pellegrini, Tassilo, Researcher Department of Media Economics°
University of Salzburg, 4020, Linz, Austria
31:	Reddeker, Lioba, basis wien, 1070, Wien, Austria
30:	liebl, andi, radio kupf, 4020, linz, austria
29:	zechenter, karl, arge kulturgelände nonntal, 5020, salzburg, austria
28:	guez, david, TV-ART.NET, 75, paris, france
27:	Randolf, Bruno, subnet, 5020, Salzburg, Austria
26:	Kyrkos, Alexander,  1271 EW, Hilversum, Nederland
25:	Nagenkögel, Petra, Autorin, 5020, Salzburg, Österreich
24:	RANDISEK, Thomas, Dachverband Salzburger Kulturstaetten, 5020,
Salzburg, Austria
23:	Losenicky, Daniela,  1020, Wien, Österreich
22:	leton, xavier, confetti.org, 1060, Brussels, belgique
21:	Wachsmuth, Simon, Artist, 1016 LV, Amsterdam, Netherlands
20:	Hummer, Andrea, european institute for progressive cultural
policies, 4040, Linz, Austria
19:	Schuster, Herta,  2460, Bruck, A
18:	Raunig, Gerald, european institute for Progressive Cultural
Policies, 1090, wien, austria
17:	Danielczyk, Udo, Kulturplattform OOe, A-4030, Linz, Austria
16:	Nas, Sjoera,  Amsterdam, Netherlands
15:	Chardronnet, Ewen, Journalist and Musician, 37000, Tours, France
14:	Levy, Liesbeth,  Amsterdam, Netherlands
13:	Bub, Steffi,  1020, Wien, Austria
12:	Zöchling, Robert, Context XXI, 1010, Wien, Austria
11:	Brunner, Christian, AKS, 6130, Schwaz, Austria
10:	Zavarsky, Irene,  1160, Wien, AT
9:	Erler, Ingolf,  1100, Wien, AT
8:	Murschetz, Paul, PUBLIC VOICE Lab, A-1040, Vienna, AT
7:	Dietrich, Gregor,  A-1210, Wien, Austria
6:	Averintsev, Ivan,  1060, Vienna, Austria
5:	Michlmayr, Birgit,  1150, wien, austria
4:	Zehethofer, Florian,  1120, Vienna, Austria
3:	Roelstraete, Dieter, AS magazine, 2000, Antwerp, Belgium
2:	Oberhuber, Guntram,  1180, Vienna, Austria
1:	Traunsteiner, Ralf, calamari : autopsy, 1050, Wien, Austria

a little quiz:
The answer is Austria

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