josephine bosma on 19 Oct 2000 09:44:38 -0000

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[Nettime-bold] in and out

I don't have time to go into this at length right now, but I would like
to point at something which disturbs me. As some of you know nettime has
gone through a lot of struggle internally, as to whether it should be
moderated and how, and as to who does the moderation. This resulted,
after two to three years of squabbling, in the making of an un-moderated
version of nettime: nettime-bold. This list is supposed to be the rough
or raw version of nettime, yet it is something else, as I am slowly
It became clear when nettime-bold was initiated that the bold list had a
very special feature: it is not connected to the moderated list. If you
send to the main adress, your mail is supposed
to land in both the nettime-bold list and in the moderators mailbox.
When replying to nettime bold however, your mail goes to an entirely
different adress, and the moderators don't have to bother with it. This
way the raw list does not ever interact with the moderated list, it can
not technically, unless of course one is clever enough to always reply
to the bbs.thing adress. 
Now it turns out that the bold list has many many hick ups, that are not
fixed or take ages to fix. There is simply no incoming mail, or mail
gets somehow routed past it by the moderators. Because I have no time to
constantly read the moderated nettime archive online (lets not even
mention the bold archive: it was constructed in such a fashion that
reading it is nearly impossible), it took me a while to discover
(through forwarded mails etc) that there is an entire layers of nettime
posts that NEVER reaches the bold list. Here are some examples I just
found on the rhizome raw list, sent there by Rolux:

         Geert Lovink
         reports from the net.congestion streaming media festival

         Tetsuo Kogawa
         Two or Three Things I Know About Streaming Media

         Micz Flor

         Ulrich Gutmair
         The Net Is Not the Club

         Martin Conrads
         2000 Years of Convex tv.

When clicking on these entries in the nettime archive you can see they
were posted during a period the nettime bold list seemed to be
functioning normally, yet they never appeared there. 
I would appreciate it very much if the nettime moderator and technical
crew would shed some clarity publically on how they see both the
moderated and the raw nettime list, what list members can expect from
these, and what say/voice list members have in the development of both



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