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[Nettime-bold] cyber landlords!

From: Roberto Verzola <>
Date: 07 Oct 00  05:49:24
Subject: Re: <nettime> Horst Mahler and Radicalism etc...
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Reply-To: Roberto Verzola <>

 >Is'nt the Net the ultimate Democracy?

Can you have "ultimate democracy" squatting on private property?

The basic Internet infrastructure today is increasingly privatized:
the communications channels, the routers and servers, the IP numbers,
domain name assignments and the ISPs. They are controlled by a new
rentier class - cyberspace landlords or cyberlords.

Mass protests on public grounds are difficult enough to do nowadays
(look at Seattle, Sydney, Prague...). Trying doing them on corporate
private property.

Yes, well this is the issue. This is the litmus test of control.
The extent of police force is a litmus test of how well the status quo is
protected from difference. Sameness, uh, the philosophy of corporate
machines. i'm kind of despairing myself right now, so please excuse
me. I am in admiration of your rent/landlord language for the web and the Net.
Yes, media ownership - web presence - its all like real estate. a micromodel
of the structure of capitalism. at least there is some free space tho'. some
independent servers maybe. if we keep writing maybe the public will
become more aware of the dupe and more militant. (and if any corporate
spies are listening in, i hope you hear us, maybe think about  your
fellow humans)

Roberto Verzola

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