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[Nettime-bold] the other possibilities

I'm by no means an expert on the situation facing people living in the
Eastern Europe, or the Balkans, but having read materials on the
situation there that have been made available on this list, thru other
websites and in print, I have come to believe that political power
exercised thru the nation-state, or thru economic imperialist
constructs like the EU, NATO, IMF and the World Bank is wasted, if not
dangerous.  I have expressed this opinion here, and elsewhere, and
believe the next logical step would be to learn about the

For this reason I am interested in what social organization are
developing in those regions which attempt to excercise social power
outside of the nation-state or trans-national imperialist organs,
perhaps as worker's councils.  I would appreciate pointers to
materials about such organizations.  I am not prepared at this time to
hypothesis on what would be a viable organization or movement, tho I
ceratinly have opinions on the subject.

Craig Brozefsky                    <>
"the sacrifice of real, immediate life is the price paid
for the illusory freedom of an apparent life." Vaneigem

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