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[Nettime-bold] FW: The origin of faeces

> From: MilesRussell <>
> Organization: Archaeology, School of Conservation Sciences,
> Bournemouth University
> Date: Tue, 17 Oct 2000
> To: <> archaeology-theory list
> Subject: The origin of faeces


"THE ORIGIN OF FAECES: the archaeology of bodily waste products"

session at the Theoretical Archaeological Group Conference
(December 18-20th 2000 - Oxford)

This session will examine issues of the body, self and privacy, of
embarrassment, revulsion, denial and fascination. Today defecation is an
issue that occupies a liminal position within society in terms of
discourse, performance and ideology, because the sanitised western world
has flushed the discussion of toilet habits and behaviour out of our
daily lives. As a consequence, archaeologists often find themselves
confounded by the archaeological reality of the most basic of human
functions. This session intends to act as a mental laxative to the
intellectually constipated. Papers are invited from a wide range of
disciplines including archaeology, ethnography, gender studies,
scientific archaeology, and social anthropology.

Though this session is now filling up, a number of spaces DO still
remain. If you possess a burning desire to discuss the archaeology of
defecation and bodily waste (in all its varied forms), then this is your
last chance!

Replies / queries / questions can be directed to:


Dr Miles Russell
School of Conservation Sciences
Bournemouth University
BH12 5BB

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