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5 Story Fall
October 16th through January 12th
Opening Reception Thursday, October 26th between 6:30
and 8:00pm

5 Story Fall is an exhibition in which five artists
were chosen mainly for their conceptual focus, and
were asked to complete project involving their unique
perspective for the corporate offices on the 17th
floor of a downtown San Francisco location.  5 Story
Fall will be on display at the office/gallery from
October 16th through January 12th.  Artists
contributing to the show are:  Will Rogan, Rachel
Cook, Jennifer Mattson, Jo Jackson, and Elizabeth

“It’s almost given that corporate America has an
obsessive relationship with the concept of heights,”
explains Sean A. Fletcher, the current resident of the
office/gallery, “both as metaphor for financial or
professional achievement, and as an aesthetic
component to their design and architecture.  As a
season, Fall is also a time when corporations
typically prefer to make some of their biggest
financial decisions, sometimes ending their fiscal
years in October or November.”

"Having grown up in the Southeast, Fall for me is a
time when the cycles of nature provide a colorful
display,” adds Jennifer Mattson, participant and
co-curator of 5 Story Fall. “The clinging of leaves to
trees and their eventual fall in autumn is a poetic
struggle between feeling secure and then recognizing
our own mortality temporary and permanent.  The life
insurance industry that unwittingly houses the San
Francisco location of the show thrives on how
temporary life can be. The show is comprised of work
that deals with attachment -- to life or to the future
-- and they all address that fine line between hanging
on and letting go." 

The artists in 5 Story Fall addressed notions of
progress and decision-making specifically through the
ways we frequently refer to these notions in terms of
height and seasonal time.  The subtle semiotics of
Rachel Cook’s projected video of herself sky-diving
tackle the idea of overcoming an obstacle through the
simple act of falling, and thus talks about our
association with success and fear.  Due to the
gallery’s mission to confront a captive corporate
audience with art that refuses to remain ambient, it
is also easy to conjure up terms like ‘Golden
Parachute’ (a term that is used to describe retirement
packages for highly compensated executives) which
gives the work an additional duality. 

The office/gallery is a *by appointment only* location
operated covertly in the local downtown offices of a
national Life Insurance and Financial Services
corporation.  The office/gallery is currently in its
10th month of operations.

The office/gallery also sponsors bi-monthly events in
its newly renovated 18th floor “training room”.
Patrons to the office/gallery are encouraged to
inquire about the upcoming performance event in
October corresponding with the 5 Story Fall art

There will be a special opening to the public on
Thursday, October 26th after 6:30pm and before 8:00pm.
 Please call (415) 733-6574 for more information and
availability before visiting the office/gallery at 111
Sutter Street on the 17th floor.  Email the
office/gallery at or visit
the website at 

NOTE:  Please direct all written correspondance to:
administrative office/gallery, care of: Sean A.
Fletcher, 2934 Ford Street, Unit 19, Oakland, CA 
94601.  Thank you for your cooperation.

Sean Fletcher, resident of the office/gallery
check out our website at:
fax/vmail:  (801) 218-1913     direct:  (415) 733-6574
The office/gallery is a by appointment only location for work by contemporary artists operated covertly in the San Francisco offices of a National Insurance and Securities firm.

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