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[Nettime-bold] FW: Stuart Hall Pavis Lecture and Webcast 19 October 16-17:30 BST

> Dear All,
> A reminder that Stuart Hall will be giving the Pavis Lecture on "The
> Multicultural Question" this Thursday, 19 October, from 4pm 
> in the Berrill
> Building Lecture Theatre, with tea and coffee in the "coffee
> lounge"/refectory area from 3.30. The Lecture has been given 
> even greater
> topicality by Stuart Hall's role in the Runnymede Trust 
> Report on The Future
> of Multi-Ethnic Britain, issued last week, and the subject of 
> considerable
> controversy.
> For those of you who won't be able to make it to the Walton 
> Hall campus in
> Milton Keynes, but would like to listen to the lecture, we 
> have arranged for
> it to be made available on audio over the world wide web. You 
> can listen by
> going to 
> > 	http://kmi.open.ac.uk/projects/events/pavis/
> > 
> You will need the appropriate software for "streaming" (ie 
> getting the sound
> to come down your telephone line and through your computer) 
> but you can get
> this easily and quickly by following the instructions on the 
> web page. You
> can also download software which will enable you to enter a 
> chat room about
> the lecture. We'll try to relay questions from this chat room 
> to Stuart Hall
> during the question and answer session. 
> You may want to forward these details to friends and 
> colleagues in other
> institutions and other countries who will be interested in 
> the Lecture.
> Those abroad should note that the Lecture begins at 16:00 
> British Summer
> Time.
> Best wishes,
> Dave Hesmondhalgh
> Research Fellow in Sociology
> The Pavis Centre for Social and Cultural Research
> Faculty of Social Sciences
> The Open University 

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