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[Nettime-bold] Enjoy Your Work...At Home...No More Bosses 20698

Earn BIG $$$ while you learn plus... 

FREE! Four Lesson Class of Adobe Photoshop 5.5
Over $300 Value (To Qualified Applicants Only) 

HELP WANTED! We will pay you $500.00 per page
to design web sites for our company. (Sample help-wanted ad)

This actual sample help wanted ad is just one of the
many opportunities exploding with web design jobs
available after completing our REVOLUTIONARY
new Commercial Web Page Design Training Course!!

We all are looking for better income AND personal freedom,
features that a "net based" business career will deliver.
What makes training with our institution the answer?
It's simple, the answers below will show you.

1)To begin with, a 1400 student track record.

2)Hundreds of graduates earning in Internet activities.

3)$100's of dollars of FREE Trial Software for class study. 

4)Career assistance and placement.

5)Conditional Money Back Guarantee! 

Your exciting new educational experience is an
interactive, self-paced, self-taught system that you may
complete from home. Tuition may be subsidized by our
Internet training school's broad commercial client base,
making our tuition easily within the reach of all students
serious about a career for the future. Our University
instructors become "Personal Trainers".

Unlike "cookie-cutter" training programs, you will immediately
benefit from our dynamic "Quick Start" system. Our trademarked,
proprietary training method focuses on new technology, which
allows you to build professional results-oriented commercial
web sites in hours instead of days!

We have up-to-date real time students
who will give you the Bottom Line: 

Your friends and family may not believe how quickly
you are earning and growing in the web design business!!
You are limited only by your imagination.

Our University is the out growth of one of America's fastest
growing web design companies. As the studio grew explosively
over a five-year period, they were faced with where to find
trained professional web page designers to fill their positions
due to growth. When they couldn't find existing training centers
to draw employees from, they did it the AMERICAN way.......
They created their own school!!

The University was formed to be a teaching and training
facility for teaching and training the tools, techniques
and technology of web designing. Growing from a
"one room school house" concept to now a worldwide offering,
the school's instructional system introduced a revolutionary
approach to web site creation that turned the industry
and the creative process on its head!

Our University teaches core concepts so our graduates
produce sites in virtual hours instead of days or weeks! 

The Center's students receive a package including fully functional,
all-inclusive software for use in the class, along with essential
trialware and freeware added to enhance your education experience.
This package alone has an estimated retail value to the student
of hundreds of dollars. This allows our students to learn
without investing large amounts of cash.

The School has three primary goals:
1. Teaching methods making learning enjoyable and affordable
2. How to effectively create high paying web sites quickly
3. Earn-while-you-learn opportunity for students 

We point with pride to a few of our graduates
(ask for more examples from admissions):

Mark Mentzer says: 
"When I enrolled at The University I had little skills
in the web process. Now six months later they are providing
me with site work where I have earned from $400-$1000
in a 2-4 day period! I've built a valuable portfolio that
I can market to potential clients or employees. This school
was a big break."

Jennifer Den Adel said: 
"The staff at The University has been great.
In fact, I started out as an intern, and through this
past year I've found flexible hours, an invaluable
work experience and the ability to earn a great income.
The School opened the doors for me!"

Paul Luecke mentioned: 
"With the fantastic program at this school, I was able to
pay for my training in about two weeks worth of work for
their clients! To learn this skill was great....
but to have a program where the University basically
paid me to learn was unbelievable!"

Finally, Kingsley Naomi :
"The people at The University were the most helpful
teachers I have ever worked with. I am pursuing an
advance degree in computer sciences, but they taught
me real world skills and survival tactics that have
proven more important than any other curriculum I
can compare it to. I also earned while I learned, I have
taken my education with me and I am now prepared to
pursue my masters. This University was part of that growth."

Guaranteed placement assistance is part of the total philosophy. 
Students successfully finishing this intense, hands-on training
will be guaranteed assistance on THREE levels in finding
work and employment for which they can be compensated for.
As in the case of Mark Mentzer, $500 to $600 paydays are not uncommon.

After your graduation you also receive FREE Web Hosting Space 
to display your work, AND, as your client base
begins to soar, we will provide graduates with
This is a direct profit center for YOU, the web designer,
resulting from your clients monthly fees paid directly to you,
for hosting their sites.

Think it through...
If you develop your own clientele and you net just $50 a month from your
hosting fees, 20 clients would bring you $1000 a month in hosting fees
alone! Now you see why, as a Commercial Web Design Specialist...

To speak with the Admissions Office about your needs and whether you are
the student we are looking for, this next step is important to you and
the first on your road to a great career:

(So we may continue to maintain our highest level of service, class size will be
limited each session, to better serve motivated prospective students.)

Please excuse any inconvenience of the voice-mail requirement for this
initial contact with The University. It will allow our staff to process your
response during hours when their time is not dedicated to other needs.

Please phone the following number and leave the outlined
responses shown below. 

Our staff of Student Counselors and Advisors will help to properly structure
your proposed curriculum, and answer any questions you may have
when your call is returned.


>>>>>>>>>  Call (303) 215-3062 <<<<<<<<<<<< 

Your E-Mail Address______________?

Your Full Name _________________?

Your Phone Number for the Interview _________________?

Best Weekday to Contact You _____________________? 

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We respect your online privacy and apologize if you have
received this message in error. We do respect our remove lists!
Please do not use the reply to this e-mail, an e-mail reply
cannot be read! If you would like to be removed from our mailing
list just click below and send us a remove request email.

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Internet/Web Page Design Training!
Commercial Web Design Specialist

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