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[Nettime-bold] Re: Elements of Nettism

PG> Any thoughts?
PG> Here is what I think are the necessary elements to define a _system_ as 
PG> nettism:

PG> 1. Militarism
Infowar (Hacktivism) Against The Californian Ideology

PG> 2. Corporatism
The 'We' Of Nettime

PG> 3. Ethno-linguistic, cultural, and/or religious Nationalism
'Our' Net Culture Is The 'True' Net Culture

PG> 4. Authoritarianism (not necessarily in the form of a single party 
PG> dictatorship)
Follow The Moderators

PG> 5. Expansionism (cultural, corporate, legal, political, and/or militaristic 
PG> - usually a mixture of all)
The Nettime-XY Empire

PG> 6. High levels of (inter-)personal surveillance at the most intimate levels 
PG> of existence (e.g. emphasising thought and language crimes)
Reports To The Headquarter

PG> 7. Suppression of competing opinion (mainly via consensus relationships 
PG> between corporate groups, political parties, labour organisatons, education 
PG> systems, media, and religious and youth groups)
See Nettime Consensus Building Process

PG> 8. High levels of integration and coordination of individuals through 
PG> conscious, widespread, systematic efforts to eradicate individual will in 
PG> favour of state and/or corporate authority and its stated purposes (the 
PG> difference between state and corporation is indistinguishable in a 
PG> corporatist regime).
Organized Movements

PG> 9. Organised around heroic personalities.
The Dutch Guy

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