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[Nettime-bold] Re: <thingist> Reminder: Live tonite: Jarryd Lowder performs "Autoharp"

apologies to those who tried to log on to our live
webcast last nite from parsons/the new school with
Jarryd Lowder performing live, unfortunately, we found
out the stream got broken a few times...

we taped everything onto a digital beta, so we will
encode + stream it next week...(unbroken)

yes, it was full house, standing room only into the

David Byrne sneaked in when the lights went out, then
sneaked out before the lights went back up...

thank you to those that tried to log on to view the

although the microphones didn't really work for the
live rap part, the energy was really good and

it kind of reminded me of laurie anderson and john
cage all over again...

--- SAND777777@AOL.COM wrote:
> the same thing happened to me....  
> i used netscape with a cable modem...
> when the link was broken, refreshing got that
> request not found...
> when i closed netscape and reopened it, it worked
> fine, until the link broke 
> again....  
> i did that a few times, enjoyed some of the show,
> then gave up fooling with 
> it...
> it looked like a full house...hope everyone had a
> good time...
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