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>in my opinion the arabs want israel now because the land is arable. 

in my opinion the land wants the arabs now because it is arable.
in my opinion israel wants the arabs now because they are arab.le.

konztataz!e - arable.macht.ganz.gluckl!ch+fre!

>this land was not arable fifty years ago, do you know why? because none of the
>arab nations would spend the money and time involved to work the land, and
>they didn't help the palestinians at all, they simply herded the poor into
>'camps'. this is not something i like to say, as i am middle eastern myself,
>yes, from Saudi and Damascus, but it is the truth, and we must face it. we
>want the land now, after the jews made it into a useful land. this is not
>the way of peace, it is our racial hatred which drives us. i admit it, and
>now in this article you can see it and yet you feel it is wonderful? to hear
>that people smile over the deaths of men they do not know, simply because of
>racial hatred? do not fool yourself, this is what we are saying here, and in
>all things against those jews. i have heard it my entire life, and it
>sickens me to face it. i am ashamed when i hear these things, racial hatred
>is the ideology of fear and stupidity. i am not saying that we are totally
>wrong, but when arafat speaks in a mosque and tells us that 'we' will never
>rest until all jews are dead, that is not humanity speaking, it is an animal
>thing, ignorant of reason. 

= reazon dze zub!ekt prec!z da +?
humanz = z!mpl! !nfer!or
prez!zl! bkausz ! = abl 2 zta!t tzo da +?

>let us agree to disagree and remain friendly on
>other subjects, but please do not put your anger of race and politics on
>this list. it detracts from our humanity.

humanity -> konduz!v 2 human!tar!an ass!ztansz da +?


konstataz!e - NATO.055 makes you < attraktiv. da + da


>>           (    )
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>>          (      )
>>            ****
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>>               :
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>>                :
>ooh. i l!ke th!s s!te. takk. very n!cz.
>perhapz "Margaret Penney" = deserv!ng ov 01 free cd offr ?
>where r u now ? co.ords ? long!tud && lat!tud ?
>!.m.u. -

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