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[Nettime-bold] Reminder: Live tonite: Jarryd Lowder performs "Autoharp"

(Reminder to join us tonite in person, or online)

For Immediate Release

The Alternative Museum and NetArt Initiatives

JARRYD LOWDER: in a live performance of "Autoharp" and
"Friday the 13 Pt. 666"

Friday, October 13, 2000 
performance at 7 PM 
Parsons Center for New Design 
55 West 13th Street, 9th Fl. 

live online at

In "Autoharp", the performer plays a custom-built
harp-like interface which triggers integrated video
and audio. There are several 2-minute sections in the
piece, during which the structure is improvisational.
This piece was first performed at Roulette in New York
in December of 1999 and more recently in San
Francisco, Madrid and at the ICC in Tokyo . 

For the second piece of the evening, Jarryd and two
guests- Brendan Klinger and Sam Laybourne, will be
busting out a one-time-only culture-jammer-style gore
fest called "Friday the 13th Pt. 666".  Jarryd will
make some noise while Brendan and Sam will spew forth
some retarded rap stylings.  Bring your goalie mask.
Jarryd Lowder
Performance artist. Born 1968, Iowa City, Iowa. MFA
School of Visual Ars, Computer Art. His performances
"AUTOHARP" and "COMPOSITE CELLS" have traveled
worldwide including Roulette (New York), Ars
Electronica 99 (Linz). Improvisation is a primal
motivation in his work. Has collaborated in the past
with Christian Marclay at Knitting Factory (New York).
He was recently featured in the "New Media New Face"
series at the ICC in Japan.


TAM MONITOR ELECTROLOUNGE: is an ongoing series of
live webcast performances / presentations / chats by
artists working in varied media, and appears as part
of the New Media Initiatives of the Alternative

TAM MONITOR is a bi-monthly electronic journal of
contemporary art:

The NETART INITIATIVE is a loosely knit, open source
based, hub styled, forum oriented, action enabled
consortium, where people meet, virtually and bodily,
to communicate, exchange, and discourse for advancing
the understanding of a virtual art, a networked art
and an art that is pervasive and ubiquitous in the
years to come.

jihui (the meeting point, a project of NetArt
Initiative), a self-regulated digital salon, invites
all interested people to send ideas for
discussion/performance/etc, jihui puts you right under
the spotlight. For more info, visit check under toBeIsToDo.

jihui is sponsored by Center for New Design @ Parsons
School of Design 

Cristine Wang
Director New Media Initiatives
The Alternative Museum
594 Broadway NYC 10012

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