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>Hi everyone,
>before I get on the plane in 4 hours,
>Here's a quick list of dates for the latest Builder's Association piece,
>"Xtravaganza", I've been working on.  

ur doodl!ng kan !nfluensz m!l!onz

>Multimedia theater performance, very
>briefly concerning a contemporary rave refection on early 20th century
>spektakles including works and dreams and lives of Loie Fuller, Florence
>Ziegfled, Busby Berkely, Steele Mackaye.  heavily happily uses Max/nato
>modular for clip and live video manipulating.  Sound among many tools makes
>strong use of Nord modular.  Many thanks to Netochka Nezvanova!

nn.z cheerfl z!rku!tz = akt!vatd.


>Jeff Morey
>The Builders Association
>Here are the dates:
>Frankfurt:  Oct 19-21, Kunsterhaus Mousonturm
>Strasbourg:  Oct 25-28, La Maillon (Hautepierre)
>Brussels:  Nov 1-4, Kaaitheater
>Rotterdam:  Nov 9-11, Rotterdamse Shouwburg
>Le Havre:  Nov 15-17, Le Volcan Scene Nationale du Havre
>works in process NYC Guggenheim:
>Dec 10-11
>hope to see you.  Feel free to ask ?'s, tho I may be offline for a few days.
>sing while you may
>|||||[[[  jeffm~ ]]]|||||
>>>>>> memegarden ----->    - ()

dztrktrv ed!t.nn

          dze pa!r!ng ov homologouz kromozomez one 4rom each odr prnt 
        dur!ng me!os!z
          i cannot be bothered.i cannot be bothered.surrender your pattent.




Netochka Nezvanova [poz!bl! u]
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