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[Nettime-bold] Re: <nettime> HORST MAHLER: THE ROLE OF A SAD SACK

Florian Cramer wrote:

> The best-known member of the AUD was Joseph Beuys, and yes, he co-founded
> the Greens, and the AUD officially founded and dissolved into the Greens.[1]
> To quote the mainstream knowledge portal "":
> "The 'old men's league' of the founding years consists of Herbert Gruhl,
> August Haussleiter [founder and president of the AUD, note], Baldur
> Springmann and Joseph Beuys. None of them embodied in any way the
> alternative and left-wing image of the Greens. [...] [Gruhl and
> Haussleiter] had a joint interest in national-patriotic and ecologist issues.
> The contact to the left-wing community, which soon should dominate the
> scene, was established through the contacts of the AUD to the Bundesverband
> Buergerinitiativen Umweltschutz (BBU, 'Federation of Civil Rights Initiatives
> for Environment Protection') [whose president was Petra Kelly]."

This still does not justify the opinion that the Greens *are* the *official*
successor of AUD. Although this may have been the intention of persons  
founding the party, its membership has since changed, and the 'old men's  
league' mentioned in your quote has been kicked out pretty soon. Your  
wording indeed implied that the Greens are still (neo)fascist in  
membership and ideology. As you said further down in your reply, the  
Greens were joined by various different groups, not only BBU, but also a  
variety of Green/Alternative/Coloured Lists which existed regionally or  
locally. Apart from the fact that their joining the Greens made quite a  
difference, AUD also was not active throughout FRG (although they meant to  

> True, but also telling. I am not implying that the Greens are a
> crypto-fascist party, but I find ecologism as not a pragmatic goal, but an
> ideological foundation highly problematic, and it seems to me that the
> Greens have done very little to reflect the nasty spots in their (rather
> brief) history.
Sorry? They kicked out the Nazis, didn't they? Your view about little  
reflection of nasty spots would be true if they still today had Gruhl as a  
candidate for parliament, and if Springmann was still presented as a  
prominent member and an eco-farmer to be proud of - or if one of the  
persons named was Foreign Secretary today.

Nico Myowna
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