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[Nettime-bold] RE: <nettime> Neither Hitler, nor Nazis, just the last piece of the wall? Comments on Benson's thoughts on Serbia.

[Boris signs as an editor of a Viennese art magazine, in fact he also is an
editor of the magazine "Bastard", based in Zagreb, and a very well known
political commentator in croatian and serbian public, author of the
bestselling book "Barrikaden", a political analysis on the
"after-Tito-situation", or how you have it / I just thought the p.t. nettime
audience should know this  - FH]

Thank you Boris, for taking the effort and give us an elaborate view - I
just would like to add footnote to one sentence you wrote:

>So let me first ask, what really happened last week in Belgrade?

Footnote - The agents of change: anteceding last week's events there also
was that meeting between Albright, Fischer, and the serbian opposition,
fixing some facts including

* 30 Million US-Dollars -  from the US, recently transferred over Budapest
to support the serbian opposition.
* 45 Million Deutsche Mark - from "the West", recently transferred to
support the serbian opposition trough city partnerships (roughly 17 Mio from
* 10 Million Deutsche Mark - from "Deutsche Welle", transferred 1999 to
support media in ex-YU
* 4 Million Deutsche Mark - recent media support program from Germany
* 5 Billion EURO - planned "Western" investment for stabilizing ex-Yu in the
near future

So much for strategies /~FH

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