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Re: [Nettime-bold] [pavu.com] GNou Tongs Plan #4 - Tea Sing Fred Party- ouvertureaujourd'hui 12 octobre

bewitched | bothered and bewildered am i

   -           |  |            -        -           |  |            -
fr2ktur          |  |            -        -           |  |            -
   -           |  |            -        -           |  |            -

kontent.ID :

\\ =cw4t7abs . modL c!t!zen t!.me 1999.ad  =cw4t7abs t!.me 0+prezent

element nr 0+2

>= 5 generat!onz
>= verk!ng alred!

ou!. madame.

akt!vat!ng d!zturbansz !n sod!um-potass!um
eku!ll!br!um akross neuron membranez.

ou!. madame.

                -                          -
                  -                          -
                   \                          \
                   m!                         m!
                  !                          !
                 h                          h
                 h     ||||- kampFb3r3!t    h     ||||- kampFb3r3!t
                  !                          !
                   m!                         m!
                   /                          /
                  -                          -
                -                          -


  this presentation completed and prezented in [model citizen time] - 1999 a.d.

  during the korporate fascist occupation.
  during the korporate fascist occupation.
  during the korporate fascist occupation.

data zuport!v ov human !ntel!gensz = human !ntel!gensz;

        and - closing the synaptic gap [synapse - greek for juncture
                - hence the juncture gap - protoplasmic kisses which seem to
                                constitute the final ecstasy of an epic
love story
                                        - the ethereal kiss which involves
no contact]

                                                enkounter!ng opn zpasez




                             zk!n komponent = v!brat az 1 cello ztr!ng. 

    --\\ 0f0003.m2zk!n3nkunzt.m9ndfukc.com

*For English subtitles scroll down, please!
*For moztly komplete url data lokationz may aksez end ov dokument +?

                         \ \     
- 0f0003.m2zk!n3nkunzt   \ \ \  s!n.x(2^n) re:leasz
                         / /\ \   

       format 0    : mp2 
       file size   : 60+megz
       format 1    : audio cd + softkode
       file size   : 30.00$

note : s!n.x(2^n) isn't mass produced* as to repeat the stress routine 
       of krop3rom||a9ff 0+2 would be most unpleasant. 
       hence - s!n.x(2^n) is shipped sans\without gfx.
       if you like may access  
       to download the s!n.x(2^n) cd.gfx - 
       zoftkode 4 s!n.x cd = dounloadable from
       the url is 0+1 line naturally. just as naturally the zoftkode is macintosh only.

       if s!n.x(2^n) is repressed in mass consumption form 
       and one has acquired the current release prior to 
       one may request the mass consumption release as well 
       at no additional cost [excludes shipping] 

s!n.x(2^n) audio cd format is currently available


kuer!  : is s!n.x(2^n) more akademikc than krop3rom||a9ff 0+2 +?
anvort : true 
kuer!  :  
anvort : true 



- zlalom

anvort  : true
kuer! : could one obtain a detailed list of locations for 0f0003 data +?
anvort  : m9ndfukc_arkiv@m9ndfukc.com
kuer! : where +?
anvort  : true
kuer! : zttz +?
anvort  : bzzp
kuer! : fr.fr +?
anvort  : ma! ! hav zom watr plz.

kuer!  : 
anvort : true




0f0003 \\ s!n.x(2^n) cd no!sz.masch!ne !nterpolat!on. anti.akadem!k.

      info     -  kontakt: smtp55o@m9ndfukc.com  - subjekt sin(x)
      format   -  mp2 \ 60+megz    ||     audio cd+ [see info]
      duration -  0+60
      data     -  http://m9ndfukc.com/propaganda

_____...___.____ 0f0003.m2zk!n3nkunzt_|-art!kl nummer 0+28.

detektion of onset + offset asynchrony in multikomponent komplexes.
diskriminating standard stimulus from signal stimulus
audibility as crisis and kommodification in sine.x


dze no!sz ztruktur as system degraded to an abstract totality
inspired by the urge to actualize itself as it arrives into tension with other 
its audibility as subject, acquires urgency evoked by experience \ stored data \ memory module
its central impulses mobilized by the objective tendencies of the crisis itself.

accelerating along 0+1 hyperbolic path the system resists delimitation 
in an obscure anti-synthesis force of will. 
as consequence of audibility the audible gains awareness of 
self-internal structure, self-habitation. 
its actualization - its loss of maschinik autonomy, incurs an internal dialectic: 
retain self-alienation, 
experience internal kommodities simultaneously with event, whilst regarded as an 
external structure engaged in recursive reflection.

its impulses manifested in exterior structures 
it is alienated under a regime of ownership
its becoming audible becomes a means of production. 
the industrialization of audibility kommodified - the relationship between 
labor of production and the event comprehends the self-generation of linear 
audibility as process, the objektivisation as generation of a confronting object 
as alienation of the event to the process [ kapitilization ] and
the resolution of this alienation.

actualization alone permits comprehension of the essence of production
and the objective event: an actual becoming of entity - the result of its
process of audibility.

as an existing event, in an effort to preserve self-experience it defines
self-author of self-development. if the process of audibility is
interpreted as the experiential basis of the kommodification of a self-generation process 
it eventuates that recognition of the self at stages of production
permits the resolution of the alienation of temporal existence. 
critical insight into the dialectic of alienated production and kommodification attains
practical efficacy within the system, arising out of the objective krisis complex.

dze no!sz ztruktur as one kommodified system of recursive discourse impedes
examination as a konsummate territorialized product. 
internal events engaged in non-deterministik circulation, insist on non-fixity of form.  
consequently the system's architecture may be generalized only as embracing   [relays]
the means of production rezultant of the means of production - 
it is a massless object, an abstrakt maschine capable of accelerating endlessly,
its capacity directly dependent upon the practical appropriation of internal
events which are measured in accordance to their relations in discourse.
the value of the commodity is subsequently analyzed in terms of explanations of
event relationships as utilized in temporal audible space.


d!fferent!al d.ka! on 0+1 dezolate plane ov debr!z
ccccellofane spasz
!nhab!td w!th !mmater!al 4rmz enkloz!ng
komplecx !nternl referentz 
ccccel-konzeptual!szd 4mat!onz dzat =
flatl! abrogate object!v anal!s!z


relat!v!zt!kc effektz bg!n zett!ng !n


alternat!v h!ztor!ez + parallel un!versez

- art!kl nummer 0+28. anti[c]m9ndfukc.com
ma! kontakt m9ndfukc_arkiv@m9ndfukc.com 4 komplet l!zt!ng [x]

     0\   zve!te[z]!ztem

  /      /
 /      /
  \ \    \ \
rekuezt!ng perm!z!on 2 pozt 1900 : muz!k aprez la l!teratur
 / publ!kall!. !.e on max-l. 
/ /\ \ / /\ \
\    \ \ \  \
 \      \    
avec : !n ordr ov appearansz 

       dav!d z!karell!
       anna kar!na
       lemm! kaut!on
       apple komputr
       leopold von sacher - masoch
       john holland
       ztan!zlau lem
       karl sagan
       w.h. kalv!n
       kurt godel
       klauzl form log!k
       kataztrof! theor!
       et numerouz addtl arb!trar! zkemaz + komponentz

languaj           : =cw4t7abs w!th engl!sh zubt!tlz
zubt!tlz          : c!nec!ta
genre. kontent !d : !art housz \\ m9ndfukc
kontent length    : 147 m!n - 147k
reg!a             : =cw4t7abs
adm!ss!on         : grat!z w m9nd konta!nr

\\ 1900 : muz!k aprez la l!teratur : herauzgegen vom !nternat!onalen !nzt!tut 4 ordnung + d!z!pl!n

!n kollaborat!on w!th : m9ndfukc.org - m9ndfukcmachtfre! \+\ m!n!zter de b!tztream ag!tat!on

    --\\ et aprez++

=cw4t7abs adressez dav!d z!karell!

  - Merci pour la qualit de votre contribution 
  - danke fuer ihre nachricht!
    bin im augenblick ausser haus und erst ab 27. 01. wieder erreichbar.

no insistence intended.



dav!d z!karell! 2 =cw4t7abs + w!ttgenzte!n 2 dav!d z!karell!
c!rca 2 monthz pr!or 2 prezent

>Hey dude, the use of the word "bothersome" was a mistake, actually
>I wasn't pissed about the repost at all, I was just using it
>as a way to be "casual" about recovering from an oversight on
>my part. Sorry if it seemed to be at your expense.
>My sources tell me b!257+!2 is great, can I check it out?
>David Z.

log!k f!llz dze velt. dze boundar!ez ov dze velt = !tz boundar!ez az well.
!n log!k dzere 4 1 kannot ztate dzere = d!sz and d!sz !n dze velt but not dzat
4 2 ztate tzo would presupoze dzat serta!n posz!b!l!t!ez = eczkludd + d!sz
kannot b dze kasz az !t would reku!re dzat log!k should travl b!ond dze
ov dze velt az !f !t kould kontemplate dzeze boundar1ez 4rom dze odr s!de
az well.
what 1 kannot th!nk 1 kannot th!nk dzere 4 1 altzo kannot ztate dzat wh!ch
1 kannot th!nk.

log!kl p!kturez dp!kt dze velt.
1 p!kture haz log!ko p!ktor!al 4rm !n kommon w!th what !t = dp!ktz.
1 p!kture dp!ktz real!t! b! reprezent!ng 1 poz!b!l!t! ov eczs!ztensz
+ non-ecz!stensz ov ztatez ov affa!rz.
1 p!kture agr!z w!th real!t! or !t fa!lz 2 agr!
!t = korrekt or !t = true or falsz.

what 1 p!kture reprezentz !t reprezentz !ndependentl! ov !tz truth or fals!t!
- b! meanz ov !tz p!ktor!al 4rm.

what 1 p!kture reprezentz = !tz sensz.

1 log!kl p!kture ov faktz = 1 thought.

1 ztate ov affa!rz = th!nkabl.

dze total!t! ov tru thoughtz = dze p!kture ov dze velt.

1 thought konta!nz dze posz!b!l!t! ov dze s!tuat!on ov
wh!ch !t = dze thought. what = th!nkabl = posbl az well.

thought kan nvr b ov an!dz!ng !llog!kl due 2 !f !t were
1 should hav 2 th!nk !llog!kall!

truth = dzat 1 kannot ztate what 1 !llog!kl velt would look l!ke.

!t = az !mposz!bl 2 reprezent !n language an!dz!ng dzat kontrad!ktz log!k
az !t !z !n geometr! 2 reprezent b! !tz koord!natez 1 f!gure wh!ch kontrad!ktz
dze lawz ov spasz - or 2 g!v dze koord!natez ov 1 po!nt wh!ch doez not ecz!st.

though 1 ztate ov affa!rz dzat would kontravene
dze lawz ov f!z!kx kan b reprezentd spat!all!
1 dzat would kontravene dze lawz ov geometr! kannot.

!n 1 propoz!t!on 1 thought f!ndz 1 eczpress!on dzat kan b perce!vd b! dze sensez
1 propoz!t!on doez not aktuall! konta!n !tz sensz but !t konta!nz dze poz!b!l!t!
ov eczpress!ng !t

                                                >wreck something,

                                                   luv zomth!ng

                                    [k  z m o g l  t a]






>Date: Wed, 21 Oct 1998 12:32:50 +0200
>Subject: Re: '8p8
>>>My sources tell me b!257+!2 is great, can I check it out?
>>>David Z.
> - - Wonder what his sources are.... :)

x = don.t_kare 2 x 1 | 2 x 3 :: delta 1 x 2 | 3 x 2 :: beta 2 x 2 :: 
         gamma 1 x 1 | 3 x 3 | 1 x 3 | 3 x 1 :: alpha tranz4mat!on 0+3: delta 
         :: ) beta :: ( alpha :: 1 gamma :: 0 rezultat: (1 0 ... 0 (0 0 ... 0) 
         0 1 0 1 ... 0 (0 0 ... 0) ... 0 1) 1 1 1 ... (1 0 1 0 ... 1) 1 1 1 ...

nomen zubstant!vum = !mya zushcheztv!tel'no!e
hav 1 plznt da! [zujezt!on naturlment]


my room and this vastness
awake over the darkening land
are one; I am a string
and stretched taught over wide
raging resonances
the things are violin-bodies
full of grumbling darkness:
in it dreams the grief of women
in it the grudge of whole generations
stirs in its sleep...I shall
vibrate like silver: then everything
beneath me will live ---
and what wanders lost in the things
will strive toward that light
that from my dancing tone ---
around which the heavens pulse ---
through thin, pining rifts
into the abysses endlessly

s!lensz movz !n d!ffrnt la!erz h!er

mikro empfiehlt

> = doez ur prznl zk!n komponent v!brat az 1 cello ztr!ng +?

Hip Hop gilt als eines der Genres, dass auf tradierte bis sexistische
Geschlechterrollen zurueckgreift und diese Symbolik auch erfolgreich
verkauft. Gerade in den vergangenen Jahren jedoch schafften immer mehr
Frauen den Weg nach oben und schreiben Musikgeschichte. 

Typing expressions which are hard to remember correctly:

scientific names like "Uvulapalatopharangoplasty" which is a surgical 
procedure for correcting sleep apnea and is also the longest word without 
any "e's

* Typing expressions which are frequently misspelled: e.g. accidentally, 
maneuver, embarrass, pronunciation, mnemonic, occurrence...

* Writing in a foreign language: e.g. Kabriolett which means cabriolet one 
of the favorite words of my two years old daughter

trez sch!k. kabr!olet

* Some words are just plain difficult to type. e.g. =cw4t7abs

Programmers often work on projects that contain global declarations :

I hate Antiorp

\\ if one specific person wishes to meet =cw4t7abs
   please be konsiderate. del global declarations prior to.

> > disappointing; a posting i've already read on infowar... only instead
> >of a davidz quotation i see mine.
> >
> >                                                Alex.
> >
> >=cw4t7abs wrote:
> >>
> >> >hi there
> >>
> >> tz
> >>
> >> >so silent you are
> >>
> >> sch
> >>
> >> > different from what?
> >> >
> >> >=cw4t7abs wrote:
> >> >>
> >> >> s!lensz movz !n d!ffrnt la!erz h!er
> >>
> >> log!k
> X-Attachments:
> >there is a lethargy inherent in the
> >ivory system. 

!nst!tut fuer arbe!tsw1rtschaFt 
    d ! sz ! p l 1 n
prdukt1on und log1st!k

>From: Stefan Wray <sjw210@is8.nyu.edu>
>Mime-Version: 1.0
>Content-Type: text/plain; charset="us-ascii"
>Since you seem to think you know how things should be
>Why don't you come out of the closet
>Quit hiding behing your odd text
>And propose a better idea.
>Or do you prefer to be off by yourself? All alone. In a corner
>Let's have a dialogue rather than simply sending these coded messages from
>time to time
>What are you afraid of?

 ur klozet

>Subject: Re: 
>your perzonal public password for b!257+!2 = kap!tal de la douleur [case + human sensitive]

thank you

>kap!tal de la douleur : : psycho.anal-!ze et !nternet

mass psychology = fascism?
global politics, any large controlling organ, always fascism?
these are questions for me, born from heavy war damaged people

you don't need to answer


Mime-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: text/plain; charset="us-ascii"
To: a9ff@
Subject: Re: 

[sand and foam]

[sand and foam]

[sand and foam]
I dream, I am floating by the sea
the waves, are they coming to me
sweat, salt, saliva leaks from stones, sand
flesh becomes fluid, breath land becomes 
I dream - I am  

sal!va == good
dze kommun!ztz sa! komrade luvrz zttz freel+e
let dze kurrent run sweetl+e doun ur sp!ne ++
dze human be!ng avgz 4k orgazmz \ l!fe t!me

plz !nzert 1 algebr!n  kapzul. fr. tzzt. zkueekc.
3rr0r.h0rr0r            \
eternal m!sc!ble surfasz
chmod o755
netochka nesvanova
t=/1-Vsq. / Csq.


eczauztd. dorm!r.
takk 4 konversat!on.

... utrum Christus debuerit doctrinam Suam Scripto tradere


I also wonder sometimes what's real and what isn't.  When I was 15-16,
and began making up my Conlang Tesk in boring maths classes, I knew a
little Dutch and nothing at all about Afrikaans. I changed Dutch and
German words in various ways, and many years later discovered that I'd
changed them into Afrikaans. This thread seems to me to relate to a kind
of linguistic version of deja vu - knowing words before we learn them,
and knowing language before we learn it.
On a separate (but maybe not entirely unrelated) note, my 3-year old son
has used a very cute expression over the past few weeks.  He got a
flashlight to play with, and when he wants to be able to see it to its
full extent he says "Turn on the darkness" so that we'll turn the lights

\\ jetzt \\ dream

>shall ! tell ov dze feros!t! ov man +?

= mozt kute u kno.
dze! = feed!ng each odrz egos thru u

tell ov dze feros!t! ov man

// =_?

mot!vatd.adapt!v.bhav!our = funda.mentl 2 !ntell!genss
--learn!ng bhav!ourz - 3 parad!gmz (c.note 1)
           -ekzposur. 2 relat!onz among. st!mul!
---------------------------|                                         |
           -ekzposur. 2 relat!onz b.tween rezpons.z +
st!mul!                    |                                         |


|                                         |

|                                 hab!tuat!on.bhav!ourz

|                                                            |

|                                                            |

|                                            klass!kl.kond!t!on!ng
                              !nztrument.l kond!t!on!ng

//note 1 = parad!gmz = !kk         ||d!nam!kx relatd 2 cha!n!ng

         >  various well-bred moralities have already finished youth

         >  wh!lzt awa!ting penult!mat po!nt !n t!me

         >  tais toi !

Quelle violence ! L'expression du dsir 

relation thrapeutique ou parent/enfant.

= mozt kute u kno.
dze! = feed!ng each odrz egos thru u

relation thrapeutique ou parent/enfant.

= mozt kute u kno.
dze! = feed!ng each odrz egos thru u

relation thrapeutique ou parent/enfant.

= mozt kute u kno.
dze! = feed!ng each odrz egos thru u

relation thrapeutique ou parent/enfant.

Quelle violence ! L'expression du dsir 

sch . . . penult!mat po!nt !n t!me

     [ - tehkn!k  .     
       -         .     - 
    m 9n df uk c . \ k om \ \ 
       -          .  
       -         .  [ s!rur .g!kl.m3kan.!kc.
       -           e+ m2+3.m2+.!kc auss!
                       \ \

                                        - the ethereal kiss which involves
no contact]

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