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[Nettime-bold] opening today october 12 : pavu.com [GNou Tongs PLan] #4 - TeaSing Fred Party

Dear friends and colleagues

pavu.com welcomes you today october 12th in the 'Tea sing Fred' Sofa Desks
at 6 pm GMT+2 on IRC. There you'll find the possibility to invite your
favourite dance partner amongst some of the net.art most renowned femme
fighters for the NEXT TSF Party scheduled for october 19th 2000!

Turn to the left! Turn to the right! Step forward and invite your favourite
partner on the Dance Floor !

NEXT TSF : http://pavu.com/TSF


IRC rendez-vous : 6.00 pm GMT+2 (PARIS Time)

IRC access : http://www.pavu.com/TSF

Technical infos for IRC clients
server: irc.webmaster.com
port : 6667 or 7000
channel : #pavu

Provided Extras :  Bar, cocktails, Boxing and Satin gloves...


Thank you for your attention, thank you for your support

Wishing you the best, always

the pavu.com TEAM
paul dupouy - Chief president
jean-philippe halgand - Executive director
clement thomas - Officer general
-/ the seed is in the fruit /-


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