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[Nettime-bold] e-greetings from aliensinroma

Dear Nettimers,
e-greetings from the alien comunity of the sacre Capitoline Hills

Aliens In Roma is a Temporary Autonomous Network formed by "a strange
race of tecno-mutants" born in 1997 with the release of the universally
acclaimed compilation-manifesto "Aliens In Roma", followed in 1999 by
the second volume "Aliens In Roma 2.000".

To get more infos check the web site


We ask you just a few seconds of our attention to value our proposal

We're looking for an American distribution of our products included our
last work - made in collaboration with Associazione Psicogeografica
Romana (Roman Psychogeographical Association) - LUTHER BLISSETT - THE
OPEN POP STAR (a tribute to the mythic folk-hero "without Io" Luther
Blissett and to the emerging Open Culture) released in the form of both
a musical compilation and a booklet-manifesto. Together with many Aliens

In Roma, the cd-booklet contains contributes from the japanese
noise-hero Merzbow, the english neoist cyber-sadist Stewart Home, rare
vocal re-cycled performaces from Monty Cansin, Luther Blissett, Mario
Schifano, the great vandal-artist Piero Cannata, and the genial Jacques
Camatte directly form Planet Marx

We think that after the Seppuku (the ritual suicide) of the Luther
Blisset Project, announced with this meta-historic release just at the
end of the last century,  THE OPEN POP STAR re-presents not only the
memory-book of Luther Blissett's adventures but especially a New
Re-Birth in a Totally New Marvellous Kosmos of... possibilities

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