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[Nettime-bold] What happened to MAILRADEK

Verzonden: donderdag 16 december 1999 22:20
Onderwerp: mailradek no. 25 (against all parties, info)

> "mailradek" project is a non-regular posting of subjective commentaries on
> political themes. <mailradek> texts have no copyright and can be
> translated, distributed without a special authors' permission. All
> issues (in English and Russian) can be found at the new <mailradek> site
> There are also many info about the latest events in radical culture and
> regularly changing large texts on actual themes.
>  Everybody who doesn't receive it can send a "subscribe english mailradek"
> or "subscribe russian mailradek" (a more often and full version) e-mail to
> kireev@glasnet.ru to be included into the mailing list.
>  Address: Russia 117333 Moscow, Vavilova 48-237, tel.: (095) 137 71 31,
> e-mail: kireev@glasnet.ru.
> An issue of <Against all parties> newspaper published in 1000 copies,
> additional coipies expected. The issue contains analytic, informational
> compromising information dedicated to the election campaign, many photos
> included. You can see extracts from the paper at www.mailradek.rema.ru.
> Phone order 095/137-7131
> The following things are due on the 17th of December in the Institute of
> Contemporary Art on the Chisty Prudy, 8:00 PM (Sretensky blvd., 6/1, the
> highest floor, a few steps from the <Chisty prudy> station ): the
> presentation of the Against All Parties campaign, the campaign site, a
> compilation (articles by B.Kagarlitsky, I. Zasursky, O. Kireev, I.
> Aristarkhova, verses by D. Pimenov and other materials), and also
> proclamation of boycott against TV information. There will also be music
> Pavel Shevchenco, a ZaIBi video and an exhibition. An "Against all
> campaign presentation will be combined with the other's campaign starting
> presentation, which is a boycott for the main TV broadcasting info
> (ORT, RTR and TV-Center). We look for the free information distribution in
> the internet instead of TV.
> Stickers are becoming more and more powerful a political weapon than
> leaflets. People far from political activities are paying much more
> attention to colourful stickers than to black and white texts. The
> activists stick such banners as <Our bomb against the elections>, <The war
> is only needed by the politicians. Elections'99>, <Vote against all NOW!>
> the Moscow subway. The most effective way is to stick these directly onto
> the election advertisements of various fractions, or onto advertisement as
> such:
> <Suffering toothache? - Vote against all parties!>.
> The <War and elections> leaflets (check mailraded #42) are distributed in
> the subway and suburban trains. There is going to be an action, conducted
> activists, which is going to look this way: <We are pretty sorry for
> disturbing you, but you should vote against all parties>.
> A broadcast of <Up to 16 and older> (ORT, 16:00) on the 14th of December
> dedicated to voting <against all> and some other issues of resistance
> as militia supporting heroin trade etc.). Every progressive person should
> watch this broadcast, at least the monthly issues produced by the team
> constisting of Marina Potapova, Sergey Loban, Zakhar Mukhin etc.
> Punk rock can regain its political effectiveness, for there are new
> taking place under actual political slogans. There was a concert in the
> Jerry Rubin club on the 12th of December under the title of <Against all
> parties>, with campaign activists as show leaders. This is important, for
> the Russian punk scene has been rather apolitical lately, and some punk
> performers are published on various corporative labels.
> An action took place on the 8th of December at the Lenin Mausoleum. It was
> quite like the old one, by which an old Radek group intended to start the
> Against all Parties campaign. The Mausoleum was captured by a group of
> activists who posted onto in a banner saying <AGAINST ALL>. The action
> regained the spirit of Moscow actionism, had a direct media orientation,
> and, indeed, attracted much attention of the media. The campaign was then,
> on the last October, planned as a network of uncoordinated initiatives,
> that's the way it is conducted now. There are various initiative groups
> conducting actions and propaganda in Moscow (antifascist magazine
> <Positive>, Anatoly Osmolovsky with a group of followers, the mailradek
> headquarters), and also similar activities are reported in various
> locations, from Sochi to Magadan.
> A pacifist picket took place near Yury Dolgoruky monument. A group of
> anarchists built a fence of red flags, which lasted for 20 minutes, and
> announced this space to be an anti-military zone. The leaflet dedicated to
> the action contained anti-state and <anticonstitutional> slogans.
> The 11th issue of the <Autonom> magazine is published in Krasnodar. The
> quality of the magazine has been substantially improved, and the number of
> regional branches of the Kuban Anarchist Federation increased. <The
> continues to publish various texts dedicated to anarchism history and some
> recomendations on modern resistance methods, such as establishing pirate
> broadcasts, closed <mail channels>, and also hints on how to behave at FSB
> investigations.

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