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[Nettime-bold] timebroker

Hi there,

once again I try to find 9 people (artists, journalists or cultural 
researchers) who answer five questions of the third Q&A published in 
This time the topic is NETART and perhaps you would like to be one of 
the nine answering and published people.
Please inform me before answering the following questions:

1. How would you define netart?

2. Do you think netart deals with specific topic?

3. Artists often had the image of lonely, solitary, stubborn people. 
Do you think networking and community grew entailed by the Internet?

4. How much does commercial use of netart count in your opinion?

Thanks in case of participating and for the readingTIME.

Best greetings,

Nadja Franz (editor in chief).
fraufranz konzept & dezign
dipl des agd
Nadja Franz
Kanalstr. 42
24159 Kiel

fon/fax +49-431-3649757

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