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>> On the topic of blitter I would like to understand this unit in regards
>> to blitter:
>Fassbinder, Rainer Werner
>Fassbinder, Rainer Werner (1946-1982), prolific German director, writer,
>and actor, renowned for politically controversial plays and motion
>pictures that often criticize social institutions. Born in Bad Wörishofen
>in Bavaria, Fassbinder was raised by his mother after his parents'
>divorce in 1952. He left school in 1962 and held various jobs before
>making his first short films in 1965 and 1966. In 1967 he formed a
>commune of actors, including Hanna Schygulla from Germany, which became
>the "antitheater" group in 1968. The ensemble performed in Fassbinder's
>plays and in the feature films he adapted from these stage works, notably
>Katzelmacher (1969; slang term used pejoratively to refer to workers from
>foreign countries), the story of a Greek immigrant persecuted by his
>German neighbors.
>Most of Fassbinder's later films, which often starred Schygulla and
>Fassbinder himself, were based on his own screenplays. They include Die
>Blitteren Tränen der Petra von Kant (The Blitter-Tears of Petra von Kant,
>1972), widely praised for its realistic treatment of lesbian love (see
>Homosexuality); Angst essen Seele auf (Ali‹Fear Eats the Soul, 1973), an
>unusually optimistic account of the love between a Moroccan immigrant and
>a middle-aged cleaning woman; and Die Ehe der Maria Braun (The Marriage
>of Maria Braun, 1978), which sets the story of a woman's life against the
>background of postwar West Germany (now part of the Federal Republic of
>Germany). Fassbinder also made film adaptations of novels, such as Effi
>Briest (1895; translated 1967), by German author Theodor Fontane, in
>1974; Berlin Alexanderplatz (1929; Alexanderplatz, Berlin,1931) by German
>author Alfred Döblin, in 1980, for television; and Querelle de Brest
>(1947; Querell of Brest, 1966), by French author Jean Genet, on which
>Fassbinder's 1982 film Querelle is based. Fassbinder died of a drug

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