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[Nettime-bold] In Memoriam: New Artery online

The Estate Project for Artists With AIDS and Artery: the AIDS-Arts Forum
( announce the fall issue of Artery devoted
to the memorial and titled IN MEMORIAM.

**Artery is also sponsoring the only international events calendar of
cultural activities for World AIDS Day/DAY WITH(OUT) ART on December 1.
(Events can be posted via email at**

IN MEMORIAM: Artery presents a smorgasbord of materials on the theme of the
memorial impulse, ranging from opinion and commentary, interviews and
artworks in a variety of media (including Artery?s first audio-work by the
late Robert Farber), to investigations of AIDS memorials and memorial

The last, by the way, is a not-always-reverent sampling of personal
anecdotes about funerals and memorial services spanning the gamut from the
absurd to the sublime by writers including Dorothy Alison, Christopher Bram,
and comic Bob Smith. In addition, four Symposium participants examine the
history of memorials and Artery's News & Notes section includes not just
announcements and analysis but  film reviews. Artery's Centerpieces  feature
an incisive and surprising look at what happens to the prices of an artist?s
work after he or she dies by Judd Tully, a moving memoir by Alex Chee, and
an angry "postcard from grief" by Craig Lucas, as well as reports from
Provincetown by Eileen Myles, and the International AIDS Conference in
Durban from Carole Leach-Lemens. The subject of Artery?s
Artist-in-the-Archives interview is Rebecca Guberman, a young artist and

In the digital era, an article can be more than an article. Our features on
AIDS memorials (Stitches and Stones: AIDS Memorials), memorial services
(Memorial Services: The Unbearable Meaning of Being), AIDS Music, and the
new Bibliography section in the Talking Back section are also interactive
projects and the kernels of data bases.

Artery's next issue, devoted to activism, will be online on December 1.

For info contact Robert Atkins at

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