Guy Van Belle on 9 Oct 2000 11:41:18 -0000

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[Nettime-bold] communal elections in flanders, sunday 2k1008

In Belgium yesterday we had election day - we use compulsary general
voting (no migrants allowed of course) and last night the results were
coming in. Belgium has been divided into federal regions like Flanders,
Brussels and Wallony. Major parties up to now were Socialists, Liberals,
Green, Catholic and some minor ones. On Federal-national level there is a
coalition between Liberal-Socialist-Green-etc. The Catholic party -
until last elections the biggest one in Flanders in which they lost most
of their power - is in the opposition, after ruling the country for most
of the 20th century. Over the last 15 years, the ultra right winged party,
Vlaams Blok, has gained more and more power after every local or federal
election. Communal and Regional elections, mean that the parties take up
positions in the city and regional councils, according to percentages of
acquired votes. The democratic parties - all the parties except Vlaams 
Blok - have decided to set up a so-called "cordon sanitaire", and don't
make coalitions with Vlaams Blok, whatever their postion is. After the
elections yesterday, the march for local power is going on, and Vlaams
Blok is progressing in most of the country. Vlaams Blok = neo-nazi!

The major cities: 
ghent vlaamsblok = 20% votes!!!
antwerp vlaamsblok = 33% votes!!!

In most of the minor cities and regions from now on vlaamsblok will take
positions and "help" to govern within local official councils and
commissions of all kind.

On the contrary - in brussels, wallony (french speaking part of belgium,
south) = 
	= no front national (french-speaking nazi party) anymore! 

intolerance & xenofobia = vlaanderen mein land 
        political, social & cultural fascismus rules

Should we demand the total political, social and cultural boycot of the
Flemish Federal State, similar to the Austrian example?