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[Nettime-bold] AW: <nettime> re: No Nazis

Michael Benson wrote:

>But anyway, there's a kitchen, and then there's heat. And there's a door...

What Benson seems not to understand, is that politics is not a matter of
kitchen activities. And though he tries to be very elaborate, nobody will
need a dictionary to get the meaning of his text. It is poor analysis, and
it is quite dangerous: it supports that moralistic view assuming it would
change anything to hand someone to the war tribunal. The Hague is maybe more
of a placebo for the American public mind (i.e. a moralistic, politically
motivated institution, and dubious on a legal basis). And yes, with
Kostunica nationalism still rules - but we have to wait for more evidence to
see what that will mean. There are many ways to interpret "nationalism" -
Americas beloved "patriotism" is but one of them.


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