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[Nettime-bold] Re: <nettime> Napster, intellectual property and the attentioneconomy

At 10:07 PM 10/5/00, Michael Goldhaber wrote:
>Nettimers might be interested in my article on Napster, intellectual
>property and the attention economy, which is availble in english in
>tlepolis at this url..
>here is the opening- -
>by Michael H. Goldhaber
>September 19, 2000

Hi Michael,

Excellent article.

On a similar note, I am currently writing 
an article for Matrix News on a variation 
of this topic, and how it relates to the 
domain name wars.  

While it won't be complete until next
week, here is the preliminary intro:

Comments welcome.



"Just like land and seeds were critical to the Agricultural
revolution, and raw materials and equipment were critical to 
the Industrial Revolution, concepts and ideas are critical to 
the Informational Revolution."  
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When Worlds Collide
    By Jay Fenello 
       An Aligning With Purpose(sm) Column

What would happen if people could own thoughts?  What if they 
could own words?  What if corporations could?  What if they 
could control when and where you could use *their* thoughts 
and *their* words?

As scary as this sounds, we are right now, today, on the verge 
of these very decisions.  In case you doubt it, take a listen to
the Harvard debate between famed legal scholar Larry Lessig, and 
the Motion Picture Association's very own Jack Valenti.
   -- http://cyber.law.harvard.edu/futureofip/



Jay Fenello,
New Media Strategies
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"We are witness to the emergence of an epic struggle 
between corporate globalization and popular democracy." 
  -- David Korten

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