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[Nettime-bold] Art for networks: next event

Chapter Visual Arts Department and BBC Online's 'Art for Networks' present:

Francesca da Rimini, Graham Harwood, Stefan Szczelkun and Matthew Fuller

Introduced by Simon Pope

Monday 16th October
12pm - 5pm

Market Rd

Free admission

BBC Online 'Art for Networks'
Part of BBC Online's 'Artzone' category, 'Art for networks' is an enquiry
into a range of art practices that are 'networked', or have distributed
authorship, collaborative working methods, that form social networks or
develop independent technical infrastructures.

An archive of interviews with featured artists will be accessible through
the BBC Online 'Art for Networks' website
( from 16/10/00.

Chapter's Visual Arts Department will host presentations by a number of
participating artists September to December 2000.
( ) for details.

'Art for Networks' is produced by Simon Pope for BBC Online and the Chapter
presentations are co-ordinated by Siān Thomas

Simon Pope:
Siān Thomas:

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