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[Nettime-bold] Webcast 1-2-3 & Performances, Lecture

STATION ROSE STReaming-Fahrplan update :

                 dear Gunafa Netizen,

here are the news:

A)  Live Webcast 123, FRI/6.10.00, 9pm CET-  TONITE!
B)  STR lectures in Munich and performs in a 2 day marathon in Vienna

A) Live  Webcast 1-2-3: tonite!

FRI/6.10.00, 9pm CET at <>,

topic: Live MIDI-Rehearsal for coming Live Performances in Munich and Vienna.
content: brandnew compositions.
extra:  enjoy the realtime rehearsals.

B) Station Rose LIVE:

  9.10.: Lecture/Performance on "Music in the Net" in MUNICH
            at the Symposium KlangForschung 2000 - Kritik und Perspektive
            der medialen Kuenste
            Universitaet Muenchen, 11:30h AM.
		live stream of the lecture at

12.10.: Cyberspace is Our Land - Gunafaesque Lounge in VIENNA
            If only we could tell - Art Parties in der Generali Foundation
  , in THE SOFT GALLERY by Marta Minujínim
             Rahmen der
            Ausstellung "Vivências/Lebenserfahrung".
            STR will perform in the installation in an ambient way.
            Generali Foundation, Wiedner Hauptstrasse 15, A-1040 Wien, ab 21h.

13.10.: Multimedia Performance in VIENNA
            Sounds (Gary Danner) & Visuals/Vocals (Elisa Rose) live
            Performance in a huge set up with big screens and fat PA, all
           that in a classical concert venue.
            STR plays a brandnew MIDI-programme, with synced computers,
            compositions never played before !
            Szene Wien, Hauffgasse 26, A-1110 Wien, 20h.

--> Highly recommended:
If you are in Vienna, or plan to come to see us play, try to come to both
evenings. Besides Webcast-Marathons, we never played on 2 evenings en block
so far. They will be very different, if not the complete opposite, so only
if you see and hear both, you will get the whole picture. The 1st one is an
ambient performance in a cosy installation, the 2nd one is a "real" concert.

hope to see you & stay with us

                                                "Cyberspace  is  Our Land!"

             station rose   10-2000

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