Roberto Verzola on 4 Oct 2000 15:27:39 -0000

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[Nettime-bold] Re: <nettime> books and cdroms

 >I forget his name, but an Australian systems theorist and educator
 >commented that our eyes had evolved to see reflected rather than projected
 >light. Whether or not CMI is easily stored and copied is not necessarily

Health (physical and mental) issues connected with increasing on
kbd-screen are under-explored, in my opinion. I am easily imagine what
staring for hours at a fixed radiation source, everyday for 10, 20, 30
years, will do to our eyes. I have already referred to the way
kbd-screen has ingratiated itself into my writing-thinking process.
I've had to work hard at recovering my writing-thinking skills if
there's no kbd-screen in front of me. Overdependence on mechanical
devices have led to diseases caused by lack of physical exercise. I
wonder what would result from overdependence on machines for some of
the mental work we do?


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