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Max, I know what you mean- I have many people who have req me to stop emailing
them w arts info- yet they ALWAYS send me theirs- I say DO YOU HAVE A FUCKIN'
DELETE BUTTON? What's even worse are those pussies that snail mail me their stuff
& whine of an email!
Even worse are the 2-3 emails I get from people who bitch at me for some opinion
I emld to someone else that they got 4th or 5th hand, I then shove it back up
their ass & ADD them to my e-list! FUCK YOU! I say to all those poseurs- keep on
bugging the BASTARDS!  DAN

Nmherman@aol.com wrote:

> Victoria Vesna writes:
> +++++++++++++++++
> V
> +++++++++++
> She used to be a punk rocker and now she's tenured prof at UCLA, big budgets
> for buckyfullerene visuals and Peter Weibel connections.  Bodies Inc., Cigar
> is Just a Cigar, moderated proscenium-vr interactivity, a persuasive
> calmness.  She has a copy of the First Edition and is still disagreeable.  Oh
> what to do, when even the greatest public thinkers have only to say "Je ne
> suis pas une pipe."
> Max Herman
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