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Inexpensive is bad.  Inconsequential is bad.  Stock stability is bad.  Value 
is the ultimate bug.  Genius 2000 is the only solution.


        „[dialogue] is iconoclastic ä in its continuous invitation to people
        to live from present experience, not from memory.¾ (Isaacs 1996, 27)

        = louer!ng dze memor! bufr 2 0. = du = shall
        ver! much enjo! d!sz part!klr zet!ng greatl! = shall = du.
        = uear enem!ez + fr!endz = d!sz appear++

        communication networks are potential resources for power and its 

        „what is needed now is a shift from a manipulative, technol-ogy-
        oriented communication to more interaction [distraktion], human
        dialogue, and exchange of ideas¾ (Mowlana 1997, 243).


The rhythm of messianic nature is happiness:  for nature is messianic by 
reason of its eternal and total passing away.  Gnosticism Inc. offers "a 
museum of you."  Ptolemy was all right EXACTLY because he was wrong.  
Capacity for inaccuracy.  Wagnerian VR = falze aufhebung der memory.

Max Herman
The Genius 2000 Network
Fax Jesse Ventura:  651/296-0674

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