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[Nettime-bold] an alternate universe, far far away...


In an alternate universe, far far away...

Republican nominee John McCain and Democratic nominee Bill Bradley
agree to debate Green Party nominee Ralph Nader for a series of

Topics include:

The Drug War: can it be won?
    (is Clinton/Gore's 'Plan Colombia' another Viet Nam?)

Ending poverty in America
    (The best economy in generations, and still 11%+ are in poverty. Why?)

WTO/IMF/WorldBank and Democracy
    (Can global institutions be democratized? And who will these 
institutions serve?  Nation-States? Corporations or People?)

How to provide health care for all Americans?
    (What can we learn from Canada and Western Europe?)

What can be done to improve American Democracy
    (beyond mere Campaign Finance Reform - Constitutional Reform?)

What does the 2nd Amendment really mean?
    (unregulated gun ownership by anyone or 'a well regulated militia'?)

America's Problem with the 60's... the 1860's.
    (Time for a new Reconstruction?  How to heal America's racial divisions?)

America's Oil Addiction
    (How to break the cycle of addiction.  End the Internal Combustion Engine?)

All candidates agreed that these topics were too few and more debates
would be added, depending on the attention span of the American


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