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[Nettime-bold] Tpography of Chance ? (Re: Open Source Streaming Alliance)

Hi, more ideas with that:

On Sun, 24 Sep 2000, Drazen Pantic wrote:

> Streaming on the Net has started to be almost the necessity of any
> Internet savvy organization -- imperative is to send, and even better
> stream, as much audio and video content as possible. The full agenda
> is to broadcast rich multimedia content and reach the global audience,
> delivering a message through a clear sound or crisp video, of course
> with the minimal cost.

Ok. Everything shall become more beautifull.

> Everybody and everything is either a subject or medium or a creator
> of the streaming content. Computer screens, clothes even skyscrapers
> ... any pixelized object or audio carrier is subjected - now or in the
> near future - to the streaming content.


> Not-for-profit and independent media organizations have been faced
> with a very concrete problem: the development of the Internet has
> evolved toward multimedia and streaming, while very few of these
> organizations have the expertise or resources to implement high
> quality audio/video streaming. They often suffer from inadequate
> bandwidth, necessary to provide the number and quality of streams the
> Internet audience requires. Establishing networks and alliances and

When it comes to "mass audiences".

> sharing resources is the the only way non corporate organizations can
> address this issue.

When you are willing to accept that this is not "all voices", just some
pressure groups.
> Multicast: from Distribution Protocol to Public Domain Channel
> The distributed set of audio/video streaming servers world wide,
> exchanging streams through multicast and splitting technology could
> provide a public domain channel for non-for-profit and non wealthy
> organizations and individuals. This channel might be effective for

Ok, *1* channel, many channels ?

> global streaming, without interruptions and "net congestion"
> errors. Idea is very simple: when a user requests a content from one

I like simple ideas..

> of the servers in the network, he/she gets redirected to the closest

Redirection. Btw, its the MPEG etc players etc that should understand
redirection, not the browsers themself. Whoch do not receive streams.

> server relative to the Internet bandwidth topography. So, for example,


> Networking on the global level through multicast channels cancreate a
> diversity of content, and enable global accessibility for all.

The other model: Not one single channel etc, but editing movies with
filelists. Files can be everywhere. Those who provide, write the ,m3us 
or mgus (video/x-mpegurl, see www.uni-bonn.de/~uzs106/ ) or whatever,
Realplayers need such lists too, dont have to provide the neccesarry
bandw2idth for streaming.

I am thinking of montage sotosay, Eisenstein etc. Short clips from
somewhere, maybe from NASA and Zappa or thje Berlin Zoo, whoever has
interesting stuff. If one clip doesnt work, it hangs, go to the next.

Well, editing movies with filelists, there might be short
interruptions between the clips, but this is acceptable.


PS.: if somebody can receive BlaTV (see URL) on Mac or Wintel....
please report it.

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