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[Nettime-bold] [ot] [!nt] \n2+0\ nato.0+55 buletin - la guerre est fini +?

                                                                1stly - lovely data

            \/\ la guerre est fini - comme ca

              ] pardon the 4o4.z u!lzt b!ozkulpt!ng da.

 Farmers Manual Occident xy konglomerat + Netochka Nezvanova have reached a lovely accord 
 [kontakt me now]

 Norbert Math \ PD-L + Netochka Nezvanova have reached a lovely accord.
 The .at tariff has been lifted. 

 _________|||| less lovely data

     >Date: Mon, 02 Oct 2000 07:58:23 -0500
     >From: 01 cycling74 employee

     >Subject: [max-msp] pot. kettle. black.
     >> ...i was sent forth from the power
     >>               and i have come to those who reflect upon me
     >>               and i have been found among those who seek after me.
     >>        look upon me you who reflect upon me
     >>               and you hearers hear me.
     >>               you who are waiting for me take me to yourselves.
     >Let's all 

     fascism is a mass movement.

     >just pause a moment and reflect with mirth that
     >this unattributed posting of stuff from the Nag Hammadi
     >sources [see
     >for a reasonbly complete copy of the Thunder Perfect Mind
     >textswithout the variant readings] issues from the same woman
     >who, midway through her moult to korporat fascist, frets and
     >fumes about everything of value that Cycling '74 produces
     >being "licensed from elsewhere."

     quote - 

     `fm - peace
      cycling74 - peace
      nn - nn - turmoil
      jclayton - fingertips`

     >I'll leave it to the licensed therapist Max/MSP community
     >to reflect or comment on the choice of text.

     nn wonders precisely what cycling74 employees are wanting.

     but just as david zicarelli stated he has devoted 10+ years of his life energie
     to max - i also have devoted a number of years of my life energie to max + most importantly nn

     hence i shall engage you on all fronts.

     1stly 01 mesaj 2 _this particular 01 cycling74 employee : 

     your clandestin sabotage of a professor's efforts to procure nato.0+55 have failed.
     further evidence despicable maneuvers of despicable life forms = simply INFERIOR.

     in the interest of not hurting others i shall integrate.

     am hoping FCMM shall employ lovely security 
     [fond of current nn config] as shall give an elongated talk on 

  - 1 - the McGill University Max-l Kristall Nacht which 
        opened an era of outright discrimination and abs memocide

        and era in which corporations could `vote` to eliminate those undesired
        with JUST 1 CLICK

        I know. I was their : target

                                                         should prove interessant -
                                                         David Zicarelli will be present.
                                                         NN squints at 01 destin.
                                                         she had formulated lovely proposals.
                                                         jetzt all must be discarded.

  - 2 - Korporat Fascism - as related to [1]

        korporate sabotage. espionage. + 



half-awake to the risk of predation

  + kognizant of fakt - this may or may not constitute 
                         the very inaugurazie 
    of 01 elongated
    + ekspenziv `dance theatre galla \ spectacle`
    dze likex ov which neither you nor i have thus far seen.

mais -  j'ai toujours un petit espoir


Netochka Nezvanova
                                                     |  +----------
                                                    |  |     <   
                                   \\----------------+  |  n2t      
                                                       |       >

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