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[Nettime-bold] intimate complicity

The photographic act consists of entering this space of intimate
complicity, not to master it, but to play along with it and to demonstrate
that nothing has been decided yet. "What cannot be said must be kept
silent."  But what cannot be said can also be kept silent through a
display of images. 

> The medium or process, of our time-electric technology is reshaping
> and restructuring patterns of social interdependence and every aspect
> of our personal life. It is forcing us to reconsider and reevaluate
> practically every thought, every action, and every institution
> formerly taken for granted. Everything is changing - you, your family,
> your neighborhood, your education, your job, your government, your
> relation to 'others.' And they're changing dramatically...

> Based on an analysis of the structure and composition of the artistic
> text and the way it operates in 'cueing' the audience's response to
> the artifact, neoformalism assumes an aesthetic dimension to artistic
> and literary texts. Neoformalism argues that form and content cannot
> be separated - that form is meaning. Because neoformalism does not
> seek to provide explanation for the author's motive or systemic
> dimensions of an artifact and its place in society, neoformalism is an
> exploratory approach - a place to begin the process of inquiry. The
> aim of the formalist method, or at least one of its aims, is not to
> explain the work, but to call attention to it, to restore that
> 'orientation towards form' which is characteristic of a work of art.

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Date: Sun, 14 Nov 1999 14:16:04 GMT
From: ". m e ." <---@hotmail.com>
To: bbrace@netcom.com
Subject: hypermod max.


just saw your ftps.  some
wonderful images.  perhaps
you'd give maximumist photography
a try... it resolves with
the same effect.


greyletter press

Date: Wed, 17 Nov 1999 14:44:55 +0200
From: Freak <---@pp3.inet.fi>
To: "[Brad Brace]" <bbrace@netcom.com>
Subject: Re: 03752.jpg [1/1] (12hr)

Great pics but why don't you send more pics in one time?? ... 10 would be
cool ... thanks!

Date: Wed, 24 Nov 1999 17:15:09 "GMT"
From: ART SHIRER <---@airmail.net>
To: Brad Brace <bbrace@netcom.com>
Subject: re:continuous hypermodern imagery online: The 12hr ISBN-JPEG Project

i'm not sure about continuous hypermod .  . .. but the images at
wwwwhateveritwas in B/W are cool. i know zip about animating a
website...so that adds to the intrigue.  -as

Date: Fri, 10 Dec 1999 09:44:43 +0100
From: gian maria girardi <---@evo.it>
To: { brad brace } <bbrace@netcom.com>
Subject: judy berlin

dear lord,
yesterday i've seen a movie and thought a lot about your 12h project, im
talking about judy berlin (Director Eric Mendelsohn), the photografy is so
close to your 12h ones!  have u spot that? i told my friends about you

more congratulations for your snap shots
stay handsome
gian maria

PS do you know of any other similar web gallery/project ?

If you're so funny, why are you on your own tonight? "I Know its Over"

Date: Wed, 15 Dec 1999 11:05:03 +1100
From: Craig Andrews <---@ihug.com.au>
To: { brad brace } <bbrace@netcom.com>
Subject: Re: Artists' Books, Book Artists and the Book Art Webring submission

Hi there Bruce,

I've looked through your amazing site.

I can't see any reason why you shouldn't be part of the WebRing if you
want to.  It took me a while to understand why you thought of joining, but
I can see it now.  Your art form is just 'out there', and not something
that's seen as often as we see piccys on the wall; or the 'standard'
Artist's Book work I'm used to seeing about the place etc.

I really like it.

So, sure if you want to put the panel on your site. Go ahead, pop in all
the numbers/details etc, and give me a buzz back when you want to be

BTW, if you want to change the icon to reflect your abilities/art form
whatever, go right ahead.  I'd be pleased if you did.  Perhaps it'll
encourage a few other out-of-the-ordinary Artists to join like you. :) 

Craig Andrews
Artists' Books, Book Artists' and Book Art

Date: Sun, 19 Dec 1999 16:54:53 -0500
From: Robert Farber <---@farber.com>
To: { brad brace } <bbrace@netcom.com>
Subject: Re: Welcome


I visited your site. I must say I like your unique creative approach, but
more importantly, I like your philosophy. Especially when it come to
education. VERY well written! 

Can you post some of your thoughts and explain to the visitors on the Bio
page what you are doing, so they may visit your site. Also, if possible a
sampling of your images. Another thing would be a great stimulation to our
members is if you post on the message board more about your creative
thoughts. In the past we have had some wonderful exchanges. One of our
members is a professor of psychology on the creative process.


Robert Farber

Date: Sun, 9 Jan 2000 10:39:04 EST
From: ---@aol.com
To: bbrace@netcom.com
Subject: Skiing, wet vs. cold

I'm glad you're not mad at me.  It's just that I have difficulty
controlling my simulacra. 

I don't know anything about art, or the artworld, and I don't know
anything about Tampa, Florida.  Ask me about Elizabeth's TAPS, girls
all-star basketball, division III.  Who talks to Susan Richards so the
message gets back to Newman (Trueman, Red White and Blueman) that Helen
will be at home on Spring Break.  Shortcuts for passing the grammar and
usage section of the SAT for the 10th Grade English classes I taught.

I do think the Internet is a genuine media shift. ( I am a classic case in
point even if my survival is by no means any more certain than my next
permutation.) So I think you and Max and even Commander Crack are bringing
something to birth, turning and turning on a wideneing gyre, even if it
ends up Coming in Second in the Holy Land. 

Take care and rub in the SPF18,

Date: Sat, 8 Apr 2000 18:25:42 EDT
From: ---@aol.com
To: bbrace@netcom.com
Subject: It's getting steeper.

Wringing me like a deep sea sponge.

Date: Mon, 24 Apr 2000 20:27:27 +0200 (CEST)
From: Siegl Andrea <---@gewi.kfunigraz.ac.at>
To: bbrace@netcom.com
Subject: ..and a good surf before the carhunt

  hello brad
      gidday just, its about time i tell you that its a pleasure to surf
your alignments on imagery and written ideas, its nice it seems your
approach on things is similar to mine, your series on green is grande, you
blur digitally (photoshopping) you scan from contactsheets or invert from
negatives or slides, or is it all normal lens (whatever normal is) ?  its
high noon here (vienna) and now time to hunt the cars again, power to
creative spirit,

ciao ciao,

i can imitate t r o m b o n e

Date: Mon, 24 Apr 2000 15:04:05 -0700
From: ---@corp.visto.com
To: bbrace@NETCOM.COM
Subject: 12 hour project

Keep on rockin man! I've been following your posts for nearly 5 years now
and look forward to the next 12 hours each day. I'm a serious fan :) .
ted@tedbell.com <mailto:ted@tedbell.com> 
Ted Bell 
Visual Designer 
Visto Corporation 
(650) 930 5074 
Visto.com. Life on the Dot. 
Check it out at http://www.visto.com/info 

Date: Wed, 26 Apr 2000 21:15:14 +0100
From: Aero <---@rherrero.demon.co.uk>
To: bbrace@netcom.com
Subject: no 12hrs

Dear Brad,

I subscribe to alt.binaries.pictures.12hr

For the last 3 days no pictures have come through.
Have you stopped posting to the group?



inFINitE ART, Huddersfield,UK
Phone:  00 44 (0) 1484 303737
Love & Respect, Richard Herrero


Date: Fri, 28 Apr 2000 01:05:33 -0600
From: modernkoch <---@earthlink.net>
To: bbrace@netcom.com
Subject: 12hr jpeg project

Got one today (1st May)

Glad to have you back.

If you check out my website (url at bottom) you will see that my
colleague (Ian - Blahulah) has used some of your jpegs in an animated

Hope you don't mind

I would like to mention you and your project on my web pages, alongside
Ian's Blahulah animation, and put a link or links to your stuff. If you
would like this tell my which url(s) to link to.

I've been collecting your pics since number 01227.
We both love your stuff and use it for slide shows. Everyone that sees
our stuff loves it and we always take the opportunity to tell people
about where we get our material, so your name, the 12hr project and what
you do is mentioned regularly to anyone interested enough to come and
talk to us during our performances.

As well as keeping a copy of all 12hr jpegs in your original order I
also keep a second set that I have categorised.

My collection is currently:

79 recent ones that I haven't sorted yet plus 971 sorted into the
following categories:

20  animals
151 blurs
118 buildings
75  faces
27  fairground centrifuge
17  fireworks
22  food
31  landscapes
33  landscapes industrial
18  mass production (bottles)
95  misc
25  misc domestic icons
41  misc modern icons
31  patterns (including dry earth)
42  people
57  people parts (inc. 20 ears, 6 feet, 19 hands)
42  reflection mixes (mostly trees through a window?)
51  roads
20  statues
25  trains
30  water

We've made some wonderful avi movies with both solely your stuff and
also mixed with other stuff.

I'd be happy to cut a CD-ROM for you and post it to you FOC as a
thankyou for your excellent project.

Your newsgroup is the only one I stay permanently subscribed to.

Keep up the excellent work.

Many thanks


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