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[Nettime-bold] theater and performance panel.


"Performance and Theatricality"
A Panel Discussion

Thursday, October 5
5pm in Bartos Theater, Weisner Building E15
20 Ames Street
MIT Campus


Diana Henderson, Associate Professor of Literature
"Remediating the Renaissance: Elizabethan Theater and Shakespeare in Love"
will discuss the ways in which the film plays with the gaps and analogies
between the performance practices of Elizabethan England and modern
Hollywood--and what it thereby reveals (and hides) about each.

Jeff Ravel, Associate Professor of History
"The Coachman's Bare Rump: Disrupted Performances in Eighteenth-Century
Paris" will discuss an "unplanned exposure" at the end of a private Parisian
theatrical in 1763 that disrupted elite society's self-representations."

Martin Marks, Senior Lecturere in Music and Theater Arts
"The Listening Audience at the Movies" asks, "is there a way to gauge what
makes a movie audience listen, or to generalize about what they hear?"
Drawing from his experiences as a silent-movie-accompanist, Martin Marks
suggests answers and assumptions that merit further exploration.

Edward B. Turk, Professor of French and Film Studies
"Boy Bands, Girl Singers, and Honest-to-God Sentiment" reflects on body
language and singing style in video, television, and the movies.

Moderated by Peter Donaldson, Head of the Literature Faculty at MIT

Sponsored by Comparative Media Studies at MIT

Information: 253-3599

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