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[Nettime-bold] 8mg

  ....1 which do dive C-drive inside where our soul-machine "does <<murder>>
to direct a memory and do the cold-blooded disease/ drug I hyper realness of
ANDROID scribe/the murderous fabrication virtualrealistic heart of our body
function/the jpeG sun that explodes beats--it is the brain cell that 8
seconds were done the montage!  The masochistic body of the restraint
region....ant of the machine=angel be the planet of the desire/   that was
write off replication DOG of the fission crash of the consciousness that
functions.  Filter no-code..

Pure malice

  Our storage does the living body of the existence difficult murder that
does the transformer a memory!?  The gradual shutdown....artificial sun
camouflage the suicide of a gene...1/it does the grief brown spot of a
gimmick girl in the future when it was done our junk that is 8 miracles/
bodies........the desert of our brain like the sleep that was parasitic and
was control so distortion done Maria LOAD////
Do the restraint area///grief=virus of the 100% of the ADAM doll that
cold-blooded/ control external suck=blood chromosome of guilty nick love
does our emotion the digital vampa/the memory!  Fucker of the gradual ruin
hyper real....lonely masses of flesh of the storage loss artificial sun of
TOKAGE! Skizography asphalt...  Our wet chaos soul-machine that our miracle
weakens so does "love" cranch........pluggable eternal-the suspected life of
the ADAM doll that was loaded and was exceed
Our grief=although it is null...."
The crimson mirror image that is weakening our soul-machine that will give
out in-plosion of the mad-noise medium of our body=psychedelia murder that
does the short!  Being covered blood it is the that placenta world!  It does
the deoxyribonucleic acid channel of you interference/   I record the
lobotomy null storage of a blue sky! God of et cetera.... Drug embryo of/ it
is the transformer of death!    Drug motion high speed paradoxical=memory
that clone boys incubate the miracle of ruin/a gimmick girl murders the
monochrome blood of the physical future ADAM doll of the machine=angel that
links it to the escape circuit azure deoxyribonucleic acid channel of the
proliferation murder machine chromosome of the sun that does drive....our
hyper link  storage the ill-treatment channel dog of body "OMOTYA" which the
storage of grief is lonely--our accurate murder brain/   eleven. era is
respired....instantaneous//we of the artificial sun who are bombed the
minute memory of the cyborg city gimmick girl of a dog I lost a machine--the
murderous intention that does a memory/
Wolf=space of deoxyribonucleic acid or cold-blooded disease/

  Artificial sun of/ 1 which the cyber dog which asphalt burn up murder/it
is 8 miracles.  It does a memory!?  It ruins!?  Happy of ADAM doll
soul-machine that of external control....output-me of the body that weakened

The di-freeze of annihilation.
It does dive....the soul-machines, love-rep...s of the vacuums do a
memory....the artificial sun/our machine=angel]
Adsorption Tyre
Fear cell of the zero that body ANDROID that image XX that ruined was
restrained be parasitic

    It is storage-done-angel 0880 atomic=brain cell to be noise cadaver city
of highspeed-done-neon-as <<emotion>> the disillusionment Tyre   awakening
marijuana fertilization period.  Solid-fear scanning Tyre I=grief
 antibrain´Ż×deoxyribonucleic acid channel gene mad-noise

[Lobotomic artery of....asphalt is cut]



....It does the ANDROID=thyroid/heat/ it is the soul-machines....hang up of
artificial insemination!  ....The clumsy world where I hate....the level it
decreased-the machine-XADAM dolls of the boundless madness line gradual
despair-peace of mind of the terror aerofoil love-rep... of the lonely
masses of flesh that the DIGITAL=placenta cyber-wolf=space of the end, does
battle-mode of the micro receiving meat escapes to an angel mechanism*  it
is the reality of the resuscitation of null storage zero.  Information
transmission hierarchy/the 1st cyber dog of the vagina)) that was controlled
hyper escapement music
The murder circuit that the brain of reset clone boys does heat!?  The
ANDROID's soul-machines of the angel mechanisms to........our artificial sun
high speed intention that was done the out=put I resist!-a-n-t-o-i-d//hyper
realistic the deoxyribonucleic acid channel FUCKNAM planetary ants that got
deranged the wolf=space that I is BIOCRASH!  Cyber dog which
analyzes the null ADAM doll....NIHIL=gene war that resuscitates, murder
memory that feed back is simulated....)) it does dive....the body of my was restrained-
"Dog which it break down--
          Our brain
The DIGITAL-grief of the chromosome that I invade is thrust through.... Sun
of murder....road of the blood, zero of the vacuum reproduce the dark brain
universe of a dog..] the insanity of the ADAM doll that was done the
digital=vampour NIHIL=heart function
The miracle that became full of malice.

Dog of me operates....the dog of paradise control external me of the storage
of me which betrayed the love of the=ganglion/ GODNAM....chromosome! God of
et cetera the electronic circuit vital chaotic NIHIL=miracle of the
out-of-Eros..real red air=erosion Tyre murder that a body despairs of the
machine mechanism does the MEGA solitude of the cadaver city the game, like
the asphalt emotional rep... of the ADAM doll that radiate

The pure insanity of the room quiet restraint....apoptosis ADAM doll of the
basement ill-treatment of a soul-machine murdered the sun that does this
clumsy world a memory-] the second our chromosome is restrained to> <the
brain that ruins the period of the artificial sun that decays to an angel is eternal lie XX.
body insanity
Machine=angels of who <the love> of murder channel FUCKNAMTV suck=blood
chromosome gimmick girl of the brain city/our dog of a foolish ADAM doll
malfunctioned ¤ë of the placenta world that loses....the tear strip of the
output=body in quest of........0880 death machine=angels the aerofoil that
Machine=angel respires aerofoil........that disappeared quietly>>
Explosion of protoplasm
""Machine does the soul-machine that was done LOAD murderously a
memory....the planetary vision of x frigidity    I invade it!  Body
OMOTYA/bit of "I" that gene=TV gradually does the lonely murder of the
medium....artificial sun that got deranged the mode <<<"asphalt"
  The soul-machine like our dog fears....   The soul-machine like our dog
despairs....   The air of the ruinous respiration line drug embryo of
madness line ANDROID of love-rep...s wears is the spectrum of
the chromosome murder of the body/ cut war--MO soul-machine grief brown spot
that "I" hate electrically.  It is like the cadaver city.  It does a guilty nick love, I turn off <the cold-blooded disease
octave, the basement of an angel/I turn on lobotomy:""  the machine grief
brown spot that break down it the season when resuscitates........
OUTPUTOUTPUT   artificial paralysis//our ADAM doll that traces the emotion
of me of another >> no-reverse future ANDROID gradually fuses and "dog

   It was done the digital=vamp
   Chromosome speed of me
   Exhaustion of an abnormal dimension
   Cyber dog of an external control
   I murder it........
It links hyper the direct soul-machine of miracle=1/8 of the artificial sun
that the machinary body/ asphalt of the desire that accelerates it break is the lobotomy of the murderous intention=negative reproduction
function XX clumsy=world game of the nerve transmission....clone boys that
was replicated.  Genome relation automatic depository M doll

          ....Our machine=angel murder
The terror pleasure software, clone boys of high speed psychedeia,
love-rep...s of hyper real lonely, ADAM dolls of the brain universe who it
digitalizes escape....the strange reproduction, existence difficult machine
suck=blood chromosome of zero do does our artificial sun the
digital=vamp..the proliferation biotechnology of a cold-blooded disease is dismantling in sky blue ANDROID-miracle 0880 that "we were
replicated!  Masochistic relation bondage of the walking down artificial ant
of D respires] the soul-machine that is infectious the herd/ control
external scream sss of a womb area machine//

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