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6 billion sentiments transforming busily 
thoughts into words erupt into a galaxy of syncategorematic streaming time. 

You - the undivided divinity operating within `you` have dreamt the world.
You have dreamt it as firm. mysterious. visible.
ubiquitous in space and durable in time; 
aber in its architecture you have allowed tenuous + external 
crevices of unreason which tell `me` it is false.

Pursued by a tiny girl in yellow dress 
white ducks move deliberately across a green 
sward sloping down to crystalline water. 

As one travels  closer + closer to the speed of light 
one's time runs slower + slower relative to a remaining universe.

brain make me a sentence.
- How many ducks are there +?

tzor!. `under standing` cccp patent applied 4 netochka nezvanova 1918

b!asz!ng prznl ter!tor! 
az embark = m on 0+1 vo!aj through
dze ber!ng ztra!tz

o. quele erreur.
tranzlate zvp +?

conclude now shall with a
             short series of 
my end run   nable barriers 
with gateways (not shown)

akt 2 scena a
                   ball + fruit
thinking a thought
do you guess what it is ?


dze kort!kl eku!v ov m! !mune rzponsz
= 0+1 rezultat dze .fr gebz pagez = graszd throughout
u!th dze fresh + fantazt!k f!gur ov madame tortue 
who = runz perversz !ntelekzual z!rklz around her male
kompan!on erztu!le greek uar!or \+\ amateur f!lozofr

naja. no inlets + no outlets +?
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm                   - 0+1 look!ng glass +?

rol!ng e!e komponetz++

laterl zku!nt

y = s!n(2t)s!n(n2t + d)
x = s!n[(a\c)2t + b]
a\c = 2; b = o; n = 2;

harmon!k ouch

y = s!n(2t)s!n(n2t + d)
y = s!n [n s!n (2t)]
a\c = 2; b = 1\4; n = 1;

aud!bl kl!kz


well stated. balanced. polite. brilliant
compendium of =cw4t7abs manifeztations.

you have below included a fragment of my imagination

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