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01 preparaz!e

>           initial program 
>                            this transmission is circulated in a plastik loop
>                            nato.0+55 distribution is halted
>                            until cycling74 addresses the situation.
>                            nn cancels fcmm. cancels ircam. cancels
>                            reason : cycling74

letz zu!m

intimacy kannot be expressed discursively
the swelling to the bursting point the malice
that breaks out with clenched teeth and weeps
the sinking feeling that doesnt know where it comes from or
what its about the fear that sings its head off in the dark the white eyed parlor
the sweet sadness the rage and the vomiting
these are evasions

paradoxically intimacy is violence
and it is destructive because it is not compatible
with the positing of the separate individual

letz kontinue

sacrifice is the antithesis of production which is accomplished with
a view to the future it is consumption that is concerned only
with the moment dialogue is iconoclastic in its continuous invitation 
to people to live from present experience not from memory
to sacrifice is to give as one gives coal to the furnace
but the furnace ordinarily has an undeniable utility to
which the coal is subordinated whereas in sacrifice the offering
is rescued from all utility this is so clearly the precise meaning 
of sacrifice that one sacrifices what is useful one does not 
sacrifice luxurious objects
paste the following text in your body if you want to
dialogue is iconoclastic in its continuous invitation to people
to live from present experience not from memory lets biosculpt
network society is characterized by the growth of individualism
the significance of school in education has decreased to under 20%
the significance of other environmental factors is above 50%
leading to the decline of the importance of traditional organisations
eg schools is the rise of individualism ie the changeover from 
heteronomy to autonomy a person obtains her raison d'etre by 
creating herself on her own lets biosculpt i cannot be bothered
start 01 evoluz!e 4rom `ur` bod!start 01 evoluz!e 4rom `ur` bod!



d r
w   n

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