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[Nettime-bold] election time in kosovo

Life in Kosovo
by brett jones

Brett Jones is 27 and works for the OSCE helping to organise elections.
Here, she reports from Kosovo as people deal with life after war.

Wednesday 27 September 2000

The Yugoslav elections were surprisingly good fun. Myself and another young
Brit called Julian (coincidentally from the same part of London) travelled
to a polling station in an OSCE land rover with two French K-For for

The French were hilarious. They brought lots of chocolate and cheese to
snack on, and even convinced their commander to bring us all croissants from
base. They basically thought the entire exercise was a great chance to
lounge around in the sun.

The polling station (read: local bar) had the atmosphere of a village social
gathering, with men lounging around drinking beer, grannies sitting on the
stone walls trading gossip and Julian and myself sitting with our feet up on
the dashboard of the car, eating chocolate and checking out his CDs. Hardly
a threatening day at work.

nos vemos en el futuro.


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