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>>hallo, enjoyed your glacial patch!

lovely. thank you.

>>....... something with farmers manual. What has 

farmers manual have been ultra misjudged. nn is ultra upset with self.
she has never encountered such brutes.

firstly they conspired to eliminate nn from a forum in the same fashion
as max-l over 2 years ago. they have succeeded for the moment.

2ndly they are forcing another person to relocate a domain.
have never encountered such brutes.

more than upset.
anyone considering hiring or collaborating with farmers manual - caution - fascistic brutes.

that said nn shall devote money and time 
so that farmers manual hurts no other - ie. they no longer exist in current
unshapely shape + scope.


dztrktrv ed!t.nn

          dze pa!r!ng ov homologouz kromozomez one 4rom each odr prnt 
        dur!ng me!os!z
          i cannot be bothered.i cannot be bothered.surrender your pattent.




Netochka Nezvanova
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                                   \\----------------+  |  n2t      
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