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[Nettime-bold] Re: <nettime> "The Without Response" Verbal 3, Call & Response

Well, I guess that makes sense. I have to agree, I really don't know what
the need for big institutions is in all this unless they can supply high
bandwidth servers....


On Thu, 28 Sep 2000, Robbin Neal Murphy wrote:

> On Wed, 27 Sep 2000, Keith Sanborn wrote:
> > Another way of putting this might be: for whom was the even
> > intended? the cyber-cognoscenti? if so it was preaching to the converted,
> > if to the art world, was it a class? and why would they want to know these
> > things. What good would it do? Was it to re-establish the Kitchen in its
> > tradition role as mediator to the culture of techno-artistic
> > experimentation? 
> At one point we thought the audience would be the same group of friends
> who always show up at these things, and maybe it was, I couldn't tell.
> I saw it as a kind of "bookend" to PORT MIT in 97 and a final closure so
> we could get on with things. So, in a way, it *was* a class meant for the
> art world. I'm not surprised The Kitchen was disappointed since they
> assume they are calling the shots, like most art institutions these days.
> It is a bargaining chip in the future negotiations that will go on between
> artists and art institutions about what constitutes "digital art" (or
> whatever we call it). Whatever it was it was definitely NOT the Webbies.
> That said, I'm not even sure we should bother with art institutions any
> way. We've already shown that we'll keep developing our practice without
> their attention. But I do think they have the obligation to support or at
> least facilitate artists. Otherwise, they're just mortuaries, or worse,
> clubhouses for a small group determining cultural policy for everyone
> else.
> What was most significant about the event wasn't the event itself but how
> it came to be done through what has ended up being called "the Upgrade
> meetings" also instigated by by Yael Kanarek. Most of us have been meeting
> casually once a month to talk and show each other what we're doing with no
> art administrators allowed. Call & Response was a larger version of those
> meetings in some ways. So maybe the audience was still each other in some
> respects and the whole thing was a lesson in self gratification. Maybe
> not. We'll see what happens next.
> Rob
> Robbin Murphy
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