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[Nettime-bold] Re: announce: memegarden mailing list

>please enjoy:

!ez. + plz

>memegarden is open to all and unmoderated. memegarden is a community forum for operators of NATO.0+55+3d software. All discussion is welcome.
>future plans for memegarden include a public ftp patch repository 
>(almost immediately) and online `gallery space` for audio and video.
>suggestions and submissions are welcome.

nn submitz dze folou!ng

+ !f dez!rd ma! l!nk 2

nn alzo u!shez Jeremy Bernstein
luvl! l!f eventz !n generl

+ she shl az!zt uear fez!bl.
Re: memegarden - ! l!ke permeat!ng ur ccccelz evn !f onl! d!g!tal!

thank u dear.

>it's my hope that memegarden will run right alongside currently thriving forums like LEV, FreeSound and max-msp, but will centralize the abundant knowledge and community surrounding NATO.
>details follow ----
>to subscribe to memegarden please send a message with "SUBSCRIBE memegarden" to
>to unsubscribe from memegarden please send a message with "UNSUBSCRIBE memegarden" to
>to change your memegarden subscription to a digest, please send a message with "SET memegarden DIGEST" to
>to change it back to mail (undigest), the message is "SET memegarden MAIL".
>for further information about memegarden, please send a message to
>updates to memegarden status will appear at: 


nou u rezt + i read.

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most delicious of all life forms [_you + onl!]


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