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>Soft Money and Hard Threats
>By Sara Flounders, Co-Director, International Action Center
>September 27, 2000

>The elections raise a vital question. Will Yugoslavia be turned over to the
>Western banks and corporations? Will the assets of industrial enterprises 
>broken up and sold off, as they have been in every other country in Eastern
>Europe, Russia and the former Soviet Republics? Will the majority of the
>population be relegated to living below the poverty line?

No, The question is WHY the majority of people IS living below the poverty 
line NOW.

>All the social gains of an independent country that had broken free of 
>imperialist enslavement and held out during years of encirclement and war 
>are now endangered.

This is outrageous to say about a country that has over 50% unemployment 
rate and an average wage of 40 US$ a month.
Please do try to rent a flat or go and by some food in our social heaven, 
say for a month!And all for 40 bucks.

>The major media here—the New York Times on Sept. 20 and the Washington
>Post on Sept. 19--have described in detail the exact amounts funneled into
>the opposition parties, radio and TV stations and newspapers.

Really! Lucky you! You have someone to DESCRIBE YOU THINGS IN DETAIL!
Check out what mainstream press is describing here in Serbia!

>It is important to recognize that the Yugoslav government has the moral 
>right to nullify this election on the basis of outrageous outside 
>interference. It has every right to refuse to proceed with further 
>elections under conditions of war, sanctions and occupation.

The moral right? How about just respecting the peoples votes?

>The masses have every right to go into the streets and denounce the
>opposition parties and publications as agents of a foreign power.

But THE MASSES feel they should go into the streets and denounce the 
Check out the reality!

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