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Slobodan Markovic <twiddle@EUnet.yu>

>> On Sept. 26 the State Election Commission in Yugoslavia announced
>> the results of the Sept. 24 elections. The candidate backed by the
>> U.S. government and the European Union, Vojislav Kostunica, received
>> 48 percent of the vote to President Slobodan Milosevic’s 40 percent.
>> Since neither candidate received more than 50 percent, a run-off
>> election has been set for Oct. 8.
>    This is a false information! 


>    Serbian Democratic Opposition,
>    Serbian Renewal Movement and even Serbian Radical Party
>    (which was one of Milosevic's coalition partners) said that
>    Vojislav Kostunica got more than 53% of all votes, while
>    Milosevic got barely 35%.

Slobodan Markovic got 100 percent of 

>    Milosevic was heavily beaten in almost all parts of Serbia,

v!olenza + demokraz!e = 01 perfa luv afa!r

>    except maybe on Kosovo and Montenegro. Even police and army
>    forces voted for the opposition candidate.
>    I was an election monitor on these elections and I can speak
>    only for myself: on my election place Kostunica beat Milosevic
>    with 444 to 152. After the vote counting was over, all party
>    officials and monitors made a signed report about the results
>    in six copies. Every party has one copy of all reports from
>    each of more than 10.000 voting places in Serbia and any
>    election fraud can be easily proved... if anyone cares to
>    listen...  :-)

= demonztratez furdzr dze sens!b!l!t! ov 01 demo.kraz!e da.
01 vote = 01 shortkut 2 m9nd akt!v!tate +?

>    We will see what happens next...

01 ekstra vote +?

>    Greetings,

ztart 01 revoluz!e 4rom `ur` room +?

- ztart 01 evoluz!e 4rom `ur` bod!.

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what is the price of

                           n      n
                             n      n     n      n                                  
                                           n      n
                n      n                                   n      n
                         n      n                                          n      n                                                                             
                                        n      n
                                           n      n
                             n      n                                          n      n                                                 
                                                       n      n
                             n                                          n      n
                         n      n                                          n      n                                                                             
                                        n      n
                                           n      n
                         n      n                                          n      n                                                                             
                                        n      n
                                           n      n
                         n      n                                          n      n                                                                             
                                        n      n
                                           n      n
                           n      n
                                                v3kt0r.r2!n - ztra!ng !n 2 dze z!ngular!t!


Netochka Nezvanova
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