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Version 3.0. Collective JukeBox / Zurich 18 nov - 23 dec 2000


Dear friend,

You are invited to take part in Collective JukeBox,
an international cooperative audio project moderated
by Jerome Joy. Here is the announcement for the
new presentation and version 3.0 of the JukeBox in
Zurich Switzerland. This new version will take place
in the Center of Art SHED IM EISENWERK in Frauenfeld
Zurich, during the international event "Objects/Projects".

You are cordially invited to take part in this international
project by sending audio works or documents which will be
insert into the JukeBox.
Today more than 300 artists are taking part in this project
with more than 680 audio experimental pieces.
This project proposes to open a new space of listening and of
creation concerning the new investigations in the field
of sound, of music, of alternative visual arts and of
other disciplines which used audio medium. It is a
project on the " fixed sound " or/and the " recorded sound ".

How the sound invests the contemporary languages today?
and which artistic activity and musical possible today?
This new project Collective JukeBox, after the project of
the CollageTV on TV and the versions 1.0 to 2.1 of JukeBox
these two last years, is using  a "real" jukebox machine on
which the audience can select and listen freely to all the audio
contributions sent to the project. The JukeBox is presented
each time in convivial rooms where the audience can drink,
smoke, discuss and listen, as into a bar. The project is
permanent and a lot of artists take part in since four years.
Today more than 300 artists had send more than 680
contributions we can listen to on the machine. The evolutionary
banks of  CDAUDIOs we put into the jukebox, is growing
progressively with new contributions, and becomes
representative of new emerging sound investigations in art
and music. It is not a question of a collection carried out by
collecting, but of a project in which each artist may find
voluntarily his or her own engagement into new audio ways
and processes.

You can send to the postal address below your sound and/or
musical contributions (works, excerpts, documents, etc.) on
CD, MD, or DAT, before the 25th of october 2000.
Because of the particular territory of this open and free project,
we prefer receive unpublished and original works and specific
ones for the machine. It's preferable that the duration of each
work doesn't exceed 10 minutes, if possible.
If your submission concerns audio files on internet, just send
the url to download them (mp3 only, otherwise just send a message to the
These contributions are then burned on CD, and inserted in
the JukeBox machine and are "playable" like tracks starting
from the board of the Juke.
The participating artists keep the moral right and the copyright
on sent works. JukeBox is free and not-paying. The user
chooses one or two selections on the board of the JukeBox
according to the displayed list of the names of the artists and
the titles of the works, as on a traditional jukebox. All the
selected artists are named (quoted) into each presentation of
the project (publication, catalogs, etc). You can invite two or
three other artists to participate to the JukeBox project.
The actual list of the participants is available on the website

I remind you that today more than 300 artists take part in: a
new community is emerging.
The project Collective JukeBox is permanent today and
evolutionary, you can send your contributions when you want.
Each presentation of the project is a step of this one, and
contains the whole of the participations.

Be inventive vis-a-vis of the jukebox!

Before making a submission, please visit the homestudio website,
to familiarise yourself with the project <>.
We plan to realize next presentations in 2001 into other places :
Marseille, Nantes, Roma, Tours, Vienna, Chicago, Nice, Seoul,
and so on. Each time you'll be prevent about each next presentation.
We are working too on a new version of the project on internet,
for this we'll ask you at time to take part in with new specific
internet-based and streaming sound works. This project will
appear here:
We are working now on a proposition of GPL (General Public License)
for the whole project as a collaborative and cooperative free
system (dispositive).

please feel free to join the jukebox 3.0!


Send your works to:
Jerome Joy, BP 74, 06372 MOUANS SARTOUX Cedex, FRANCE.

Past events:
- 1996 "Collage Musiques d'Appartement", non-stop hi-fi dispositive into a
public apartment.
- 1996 "Collage Musiques de Plein Air", non-stop sound-system dispositive
in a public place.
- 1997 "Collage TV", 38 TV-programs of 15 minutes each, white screen + sounds.
- 1997 "Collage Audiotheque", La Station, consultation place with
- 1998 "Collage JukeBox 1.0", jukebox. (version 1.0, Bregenz Austria)
- 1999 "Collage JukeBox 2.0", jukebox. (version 2.0, Lyon France)
- 2000 "Collage JukeBox 2.1", jukebox. (version 2.1, Tourcoing France)


Collective JukeBox
International co-operative project moderated by Jerome Joy.
The digital revolution " changes the world ",  it " changes even the logic
of the representation " and creates new community spaces. The JukeBox
project, under the upset hegemony of musical industry, opened a shared and
temporary space, supported by the only participation of the artists and
actively developed with the internet networks.
All the observers are speaking today about true changes and transfers of
the artistic practices and emergences of new investigations, as much in the
fields of the visual arts that in the actual musics. In these two often
differentiated fields, new sound practices develop themselves  around the
techniques of the recorded sound, digitalization, the networks and
experiments and multiple diffusions and broadcastings which allow these
technologies. The diversity and the implication of these transfers and
changes clear today grounds of experiments which call in question or stake
the methods of representation commonly accepted such as the concert and the
It's difficult to remain indifferent in this context under full
development, with the transformation of the practices of art and the actual
music, in their own spaces of production, transmission and monstration,
which today are most of the time unified in real time. The studio, with the
image of the homestudio, becomes more and more delocalized, even
dematerialized. These practices break with the autonomy of work and are
immersed in peripheral fields (data processing, the communication, the
social, etc.) who modify their identification deeply.
It is not a question of a rupture but well of a continuity, which is,
during this technological, accelerated and renewed time. If they are
claimed activities more and more , they are not always also explicit and
remain sometimes even dissimulated ones in the state of slight effraction
in the referent territory where they are immersed. Their object and their
objective appear far away from the indexed categories of art and of the
music and yet their processual methods are undoubtedly resulting from these
fields. All these activities recognize the telematic revolution.
The JukeBox Project since 1996 had develop an autonomous and evolutionary
dispositive by opening an experimental co-operative space around these new
sound and musical investigations. This contributive dispositive is not a
documentary project or a "discographic" catalogue, but proposes well a
generating and collective space submitted to any selection and invested by
many artists. The free mode of consultation and sine qua non activation by
the listeners allow the installation of a user-friendly space suggested to
the public. The project opens not only one "forum" and a space of "scan",
but also a permanent laboratory.

Jukebox containing between 500 and 1000 sound and musical parts produced by
international artists and composers , 80 X 64 X 64 cm, 300W - 220V CA, 160

coproductions: Nice Fine Arts, the Station Nice, Kunstverein Bregenz
Austria, the Museum of Contemporary Art of Lyon, Gallery ERSEP Tourcoing,
and Frac Paca for the development of the project, the Sound Studio AudioLab
Villa Arson Nice and Association ICI for the technical realization, the server
The Thing NYC for the Internet.

jerome joy


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