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5. The adoption pool for the United States will dry up...
6. Jim Belushi will host the Bono concert...

I'm worried that the final result may be challenged by a counter accusation 
of fraud that will delay things or cause a second round to serve as a 
'recount', but I'm also hoping that your homeland becomes as dull as 

BTW, some more news and analyses from here:
1. The final result will be approximately 55:35 for Kostunica - so,
there will be no need for the second round.
2. The Socialist Party will try to announce the second round and a
slight advantage by Milosevic in the first round.
3. DOS (Democratic Opposition of Serbia) will not respect that act by
the socialists.
4. Then the socialist hawks will want to use the force - but it's pretty
likely that they will find themselves faced with the lack of will among
their to-date supporters to confront the very convincing majority. They
are threatening by empty gun.
It's really amazing how the people were motivated to tell what they
think. That strong wish to get rid of Milosevic at last could be taken
as the explanation how DOS managed to establish so efficacious
electional control, which made stealing ballots almost impossible. And
that's another Milosevic's problem: his men can't do anything else but
announce the partial results, given from a freely chosen sample of
voters. All they managed to fake is 18,000 ballots in Montenegro!
There's no comfort for the socialists in their hopes that they could
control the Federal Assembly. Maybe they could, formally - but who
cares? All their power was lying in Milosevic's charisma, which has
vanished in the haze after the elections. Milosevic has been heavily
humiliated on this 24th of September, and he and his party will never
recover psychologically. The vision of Milosevic as a ridiculous clown
has become too contagious among Serbs. What will really kill the
Milosevic star is his new image of a loser.
And besides, who really needs Yugoslavia and Federal Assembly?

* * *  Please forgive me for some emotional outbursts here. You people
don't know how it was to live 12 years under Milosevic. Now Serbia will
become a boring country, with changeable government (really, how
Seselj's and Draskovic's parties are practically wiped out from the
political scene (what a pity!).
I foresee some other consequences too:
- Yugoslavia will disappear as a name. Kostunica's Serbia will probably
try to get rid of Montenegro. Peacefully.
- The young Army deserters will be allowed to return to the country
freely. Thus the Serb population in Budapest will diminish.
- The Otpor movement will disappear or turn into a street art movement.
- The most influential radio station in Belgrade will be Radio Index.
Maybe there will appear B3-92 radio, but it will not be able to compete
with Radio Index. But ANEM network of the Serbian electronic media will
- The Chinese immigration to Serbia will be stopped.
- We could expect Bono Vox to hold a concert in Belgrade for young
Serbian democracy. Also, Sting could be expected to turn his lobbying
interests from Amazon Indians to Kosovar Serbs (it will be trendy).
- Everybody will love Serbia, and the Serbs will be everybody's pets
like the Croats are now.
- Borka Pavicevic will be the minister of culture. That's another one of
the boring prospectives.
So, what to tell at the end?
Milosevic is gone, and life is beautiful. But now Serbian artists will
have to fight with the new pro-Western bureaucracy and Soros
establishment, and they'll have to fulfill some new politically correct
application forms when fundraising. The brave Western world will embrace
the Serbs, but there will be some unpleasant mockers among them.
Discover the Serbian politically incorrect artists.
Aleksandar Gubas


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