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[Nettime-bold] transmediale.01 - call for submissions

Apologies for cross postings!

transmediale.01  - international media art festival berlin
DIY [ do it yourself ! ]
4 - 11 february 2001


The transmediale will award three prizes in 2001 - each worth DM 10.000 -
in the following categories:
Interactive, Video and Artistic Software.

The transmediale.01 invites entrants to submit artistic projects developed
since 1998.

Interactive installations are invited in the INTERACTIVE section together
with virtual environments, CD-ROMs, DVDs, Internet, performance projects
etc. in which visitors or users are not simply "interpassive" but are
encouraged to respond and act in a creative manner.

The VIDEO section covers linear, time-based presentations searching for new
aesthetic forms of expression. These can be on DVD, various video formats
or film (up to 35 mm).

The as yet barely defined field of ARTISTIC SOFTWARE section incorporates
projects in which self-written algorithmic computer software (stand alone
programmes and script-based applications) is not merely a functional fool,
but is itself an artistic creation and a form of aesthetic expression.

Please notice that the award competition will concentrate on artistic
projects which are concerned with the DIY development and construction of
creative tools and are designed to pass on creative media competence.

Please download the entry form (pdf) from our website or request it as an attachment from

The closing date for entries is 31 October 2000 (postmark).
It is urgently requested that entries should arrive prior to that date,

The transmediale - international media art festival berlin - will be held
from 4 to 11 February 2001 in the Podewil - center for contemporary arts -
in Berlin and at other venues. The transmediale is a platform for artistic
and critical reflection on the role of digital technologies in present-day
society. The festival provides a forum for communication between artists,
those working in the media and a wide range of experts and offers a
stimulating environment for the presentation of major new digital culture

Hosted by Berliner Kulturveranstaltungs-GmbH
Supported by Hauptstadtkulturfond, Berlin Senate, European Commission -
Media II and Sponsors
Special thanks to: Contrib.Net

Klosterstr. 68 - 70   10179 Berlin   GERMANY
Tel. ++49 30 / 2472 1907  Fax ++49 30 / 2472 1909

Andreas Broeckmann, artistic director
transmediale - international media art festival berlin
Klosterstr. 68-70
D-10179 Berlin
tel. +49-30-24721907
fax +49-30-24721909
transmediale.01 - DIY [do it yourself!] - 4-11 feb 2001

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