Phil Graham on 26 Sep 2000 06:45:24 -0000

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[Nettime-bold] Re: <nettime> Water-shedding

Ahhh ... sorry. I've been so used to listening to discourses about the 
death of the writer, the linearity of text, the obsolescence of the book, 
etc etc etc, that I didn't here the prosody of "yeah, right", the 
double-positive of ironic negation (or something) ...

8(   < = two fried eggs on face, no cheese.


At 10:03 PM 25/09/00 -0400, Joshua Goldberg wrote:
>It was a slightly tongue in cheek statement.  More than slightly.  Online,
>nobody can hear you nuance.
>I myself spend hours each day building virtual sandcastles.  I can't write
>well, and I wish I could.
>I am fully aware that the art I create is impermanent- far more so than
>simple words.  I worry about the CD-ROM as an archival format; I hope he is
>also keeping copies on paper.
>I always forgive questions.   They beat flames any day. ;) <--please note
>smiley denoting bemused forgiveness and ingratiating humor.
>on 9/25/00 10:25 AM, Phil Graham at wrote:
> > At 08:34 AM 25/09/00 -0400, Joshua Goldberg wrote:
> >> "Anyone working as a digital artist is building castles made of sand."
> >>
> >> -- Jaron Lanier.
> >>
> >> I suppose Alan Sondheim can be forgiven for being mostly a writer.
> >
> > Why would a person need "forgiveness" for being a writer? Are you
> > dispensing forgiveness to all us writers? Would you also forgive musicians
> > too, since they are even more prehistoric than writers?
>  <...>
>Josh Goldberg
>"It's OK, my sheet's got a hole in it!"
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