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[Nettime-bold] books and cdroms

 >language, disappears. But how does that compare to the fact that a book
 >can only be in one place at a time, whereas an electronic document can be
 >at many places simultaneously.

I would argue that, like a book, a file can only be in one place at a
time too. You are perhaps referring to *copies* of the file, which,
like copies of a book, can be at many places at the same time.

The difference is in the marginal cost of making a copy. To reduce
this marginal cost, you can rely techno solutions like CDROMs, or you
can use social solutions like public libraries. I wish we had more
public libraries.

But for those who love technofixes, I have a suggestion too. I've seen
Taiwan-made VCD players sell here in the Philippines for as low as
$US65. It should not take much to include an HTML browsing capability
with these players, so you can browse any HTML file on any CDROM with
a sub-$100 appliance.


Roberto Verzola

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